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3rd Night: Summary of the Italian Song Contest

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The third night of the Italian Song Contest featured new performances by 15 artists, introduced by 15 other artists who had performed the previous night.

The third night of Sanremo 2024 will feature new performances by 15 artists who did not sing on the second night, along with main host and artistic director Amadeus and 15 others.

There were some notable moments during the long TV show. The collaboration between pianist Paolo Giannazzi and author Stefano Massini was moving, and Russell Crowe’s performance was a pleasant surprise (he ended the night with John Travolta’s “Chicken Dance”).

This time, Amadeus’ co-host was Teresa Mannino, a popular Italian comedian. Although she tried to liven up the festival routine with humor, her final monologue was too subdued.

The top five rankings (voted by radio stations and the public) are: From start to finish, it’s Angelina Mango, Gari, Alessandra Amoroso, Il Torre, and Mr. Rain.

Here are some highlights from the third night on Thursday (February 8th).

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