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5 Alternative Terms for ‘Cold Calling’

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I recently attended a meeting where my managing broker suggested we consider alternative names for cold calling. Although I was initially a little resistant, the idea of renaming a task has grown on me. Since cold calling sounds so cold, this article is meant to share some of the names that were brainstormed to eliminate the word “cold” from “cold calling.”

By using a creative title, it is possible that the mindset around cold calling can be changed in a positive manner. Once the task is thought of as positive, its effectiveness will be improved. The mind is extremely powerful. By focusing on the fun elements of your work, there is a high probability that the results will be beneficial.

1. Scavenger Hunt

One of the first names I thought of to inspire myself regarding cold calling is “Scavenger Hunt.” When I was little, I loved going to parties where we went on scavenger hunts. The idea of going to a random person’s house and asking for a random item was very intriguing to me. Although cold calling in the business world is not as random as a scavenger hunt, there are similarities.

Instead of looking for an object, I am looking for an assignment. The assignment could be a new listing or a new tenant rep account. If you are on the hunt to help your business grow, next time you are about to make business calls, I encourage you to consider adding a scavenger hunt to your calendar.

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2. Playing Clue

I enjoy playing the Game Clue. It allows you to investigate and solve a mystery. Similar to when you are prospecting, you are looking for clues to help with the overall big picture of gaining business. If you like playing games and enjoy solving puzzles, I recommend you try “Playing Clue” instead of cold calling.

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3. Friend Finding

I thought “Friend Finding,” suggested by one of my colleagues, was extremely clever. Like many other sales-related businesses, commercial real estate is about relationships. Relationships are formed when two people like each other and have common interests. By thinking that you are picking up the phone to find a friend, the idea of calling strangers can seem less cumbersome or intimidating.

Although I like the name Friend Finding, I recommend being cautious about friendship in business. Since often it can be awkward to hire your friends if you focus too much on friendship and not enough on your business, your original goal of calling to create new accounts might be deterred.

4. Dialing for Dollars

If you are motivated by money, there is the well-known “Dialing for Dollars.” This name has such a great ring to it and is much more fun than cold calling. Dialing for Dollars has both an action and reward, all in three words. Although it is used often, I prefer this term any day over cold calling.

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5. Sailing for Success

This name conveys a journey that ends positively. “Sailing” is much more entertaining than calling. By sailing instead of calling and success instead of cold, “Sailing for Success” might be the perfect name replacement for cold calling.

Regardless of the term, the important key here is mindset. I do not think I have ever met someone who told me they love cold calling. Like public speaking, most people put cold calling in the category of items they abhor.

The key is to pick the name that works best for you. Whether it is one I shared in this article or one you come up with on your own, you need to figure out what motivates you. You also need to consider what your goals are for cold calling. Once you figure out your goals and motivation, you will be on your way to sailing for success.

After you know your favorite name for cold calling, you need to implement it. I recommend having your colleagues and even family know the name you are using for cold calling. If everyone around you knows the name, you will probably use the name more. Your goal should be to eliminate “cold calling” from your vocabulary and replace it with your preferred term. Remember to write your preferred name on your calendar if time blocking works for you. The more you see it, the easier it will be for you to utilize it.

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