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Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2023 strengthens your appreciation for art

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The 16th Affordable Art Fair Singapore attracted 16,000 visitors and achieved ground-breaking sales of S$5 million, highlighting the growing demand for art in Singapore. This year’s Affordable Art Fair showcased a variety of global and local art, with 37 percent local galleries and 63 percent international galleries. Bringing 20 countries together under one roof, the fair not only breaks down barriers to accessing art within Singapore, but also showcases the growth of arts culture among the local population and provides a wide range of It captivated the Singaporean audience.

The fair also emphasized its status as an international arts event and maintained its appeal to the foreign community. Commenting on this success, Affordable Art Fair Director Alan Coe said: We are grateful to continue to support galleries and artists, foster a vibrant arts community, and encourage art appreciation among diverse audiences. The evolution of the fair is a testament to our commitment to making art available to all. ”

The Affordable Art Fair remained connected to the local community and social activities close to home. In collaboration with ART:DIS, Singapore Cancer Society, Sculpture Society (Singapore) and Singapore Art Gallery Association, we will strengthen our efforts to build a supportive and inclusive arts community in Singapore and enhance the fair’s artistic offering. Enhanced. Here’s a quick breakdown of the social impact of this event:

ART:DIS’ first year of participation marked an important milestone in increasing the visibility of artists with disabilities and increasing diversity in contemporary art. ART:DIS featured seven artists with disabilities, including up-and-coming artists such as Christian Lee and Noah Tan, as well as well-known artists such as Eugene Soh and Raymond Lau. As the official charity partner of Affordable Art Fair 2023, Singapore Cancer Society will demonstrate the therapeutic role of art in improving mental health and cancer care through workshops on art psychotherapy and wellbeing sessions. , provided a platform for emotional healing and self-discovery through art. . The Sculpture Society (Singapore) promoted the appreciation of sculpture as an art form with an exhibition of sculptures, including live demonstrations of wood carving.

The Affordable Art Fair will also continue to host interactive workshops and a variety of family-friendly activities as part of the fair’s commitment to making art more engaging and accessible to a wider range of people. This has always been an integral part of the spirit of the fair since its first edition in 2010.

Love for art begins in youth. This was the front line of Art Wonderland’s Children’s Art Studio. Here, children enjoyed a creative oasis with activities and spaces that stimulate their imaginations and provide playful and educational art experiences. A highlight of this year’s fair was acclaimed Melbourne-based artist Jackie Case’s performance piece ‘ATM – Art Transfer Matrix’, which was flown in for the event. Participants submitted their creative ideas by writing them on cards, and Jackie, who sat inside a unique box, created a unique piece of art inspired by those ideas, reminding participants who a true artist is. I challenged myself to address the philosophical question of who conceptualized it. An idea, or someone who carries out an idea.

Affordable Art Fair continues to strengthen its efforts to promote art appreciation within local communities. Commenting on the future of the fair, Alan Coe said: “The ultimate dream of an affordable art fair is to serve as a thriving platform for galleries, artists and the wider art ecosystem, and to provide a platform for art discovery and collecting. It remains a very important event.”

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