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Belgium | General Assembly

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alexander de croo prime minister of belgiumsaid there is reason for well-founded optimism based on the world’s recent climate performance, despite extreme climate events and prolonged droughts and water stress. A record €340 billion has been invested in renewable energy around the world this year, and the price of renewable energy continues to fall. “Rather than belittle ourselves, we need to accelerate our environmental transition,” he said. “We are not going to build a climate change paradise in an industrial wasteland,” he said, calling for a “new industrial agreement”, one of Belgium’s key priorities ahead of next year’s European Union presidency. Therefore, he emphasized that “Japan’s industries need to be included.” He called for partnerships to accelerate the green transition through wind, solar and hydrogen, particularly between Europe and Africa. Furthermore, achieving climate neutrality “will require both renewable energy and nuclear power.” Belgium has agreed to include agreements with nuclear operators to extend the lives of the country’s two largest power plants. remains a nuclear-armed state.

On migration, Belgium aims to conclude a new European Agreement during its Presidency of the European Union, rebuild the current migration model and ensure that all Member States play their part. Instead of the current “lose-lose” model, which “gives all control and power to human smugglers” who decide life and death, he wants to “establish legal routes to Europe and strengthen domestic societies.” He called for a win-win approach. Countries. The new model will strengthen solidarity, standardize rapid tracing procedures and commit to a common European readmission and return policy. While the deal aims to strengthen the region’s common borders, he called on Europe to work with countries of transit and origin to address the root causes of migration, such as poverty and lack of economic opportunity. Instead of young Africans risking their lives at sea for European or American dreams, they should be given the opportunity to pursue African dreams.

Regarding international security, a “clear and present danger” comes from the Russian Federation. The Russian Federation ignored “all international rules” by invading neighboring countries, executing opponents, and creating “the Wagner Group to bring death and destruction to the world.” Africa. In fact, he continued, “What Wagner and Putin are doing to Africa is exactly the same as what they are doing to Ukraine.” They not only deny the sovereignty of African countries, but also plunder Africa, jacking up the price of grain for the most vulnerable people. “They want to restore the old world order, dominated by colonial powers.” Meanwhile, in the Sahel, a “perfect storm” of terrorism, poverty and climate change is affecting societies in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. It’s eroding. “Our track record in the Sahel should be a reason for humility,” he said, but it should not lead to apathy. “The only way forward is to restore the rule of law,” because without it autonomy will never be possible and the Sahel “will always be a potential playground for foreign bullies.” .

Reflecting on the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, he affirmed that the decolonization and liberation of the countries of Africa, Asia and South America were the most important achievements of the post-World War II era. “We must protect this heritage and protect it from new forms of imperialism,” he asserted. “Each of us has a choice” in choosing sides: colonizers or victims. He called on the international community to recognize the true universality of the Declaration and to remember the progress made for our common humanity. For example, when Haitian freed slaves finally had the freedom to choose their own destiny, they defined living with dignity as living in freedom and equality. In closing, he appealed for the United Nations and the world to come together to ensure progress beneficial to all.

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