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Belgium overcomes EU struggles and sends strong message to Gaza

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Despite the horribly increasing human costs of serious violations; international humanitarian law In Israel and Palestine, the 27 EU member states have not been able to reach a unanimous position of condemnation. war crimes All parties are committed and demanding accountability. However, the Belgian government did not use the lack of agreement at EU level as an excuse to show that it is possible for EU governments to stick to the principles.

In a series of public statements, Belgian government officials, including Prime Minister Alexander de Croo, Deputy Prime Minister Petra de Sutter, and Foreign Minister Hadja, rough bibDevelopment Minister Caroline Guenness not only condemned the brutal killings on October 7 by Palestinian militants, but also questioned the legality of some Israeli airstrikes and condemned Israeli airstrikes. collective punishment It targeted many Palestinians and called for targeted sanctions and accountability for those responsible. The Belgian Government also expressed support for the International Criminal Court’s ongoing investigation into the situation in Palestine, including its role and jurisdiction over the ongoing hostilities between the Israeli government and Palestinian armed groups. Additionally, the Belgian Federal Parliament introduced a bill that would ban trade with settlements in the occupied territories.

EU governments have long been divided over Israel and Palestine. This division has paralyzed the EU, whose foreign policy must be approved unanimously by its 27 member states, some of which continue to provide seemingly unconditional support to the Israeli government. , escaping responsibility. Indeed, European diplomats had to fight to secure even basic calls for Israeli authorities to respect international humanitarian law in their response to the October 7 attacks.

For a bloc that promotes the universal application of international law, it is important to call on the Israeli government to end war crimes and other serious human rights violations that have caused tremendous suffering to civilians in Gaza, and to support Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Islamic Jihad. It shouldn’t be difficult to criticize. Other Palestinian armed groups killed Israeli civilians and took hostages.

However, the EU currently appears unable to reach such a position, and it is up to each member state to adopt measures to uphold international law, protect human rights and promote accountability. Masu. The Belgian government has shown that it is possible. Others should follow suit.

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