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Concerns in Italy that Serie A will lose the ‘Beckham Rule’

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The so-called “Beckham Rule” no longer exists in Italy. of cresita statute, a law that effectively reduces taxes by 50% on the salaries of foreign players (or those who have not worked in the country for the past two years) will no longer apply from the new year.On Thursday, the Italian Senate reached a decision Do not extend the lawhas been in effect since June 2019. An agreement was reached after “tense discussions” and Matteo Salvini Among the most vocal critics of foreign player discounts, he argued it was “immoral” to give tax breaks to foreign soccer players who earn millions of dollars.

This decision “will reduce the competitiveness of Serie A”

of Rega Serie A expressed “Stunnedness and anxiety” stated in the press release and feels that this measure will come true. “It will take away competitiveness from clubs with low incomes and mean less income for the Treasury.”” Back in November, AC Milan’s CEO said: Giorgio Furlani “Revoking the benefits of the Cresita Decree would destroy Italian football,” he said ominously.

Although the Italian Football Players Association may be happy with the result (according to reports) La Corriere della SeraAIC President Humberto Calcagno called Salvini yesterday). Italian clubs now need to rethink their strategies for the winter transfer window.

Lazio president Claudio Lotito argued in The decision was “complete nonsense” Furthermore, the power “They will realize their mistake. The state also does not receive money. If you attract foreigners who pay taxes in Italy, it’s better than foreigners who don’t come and pay nothing, right? Our league will become less competitive. ”

of bianco celeste “Last year three Italian teams took part in the European finals, but what happens now… the next team will be decided by the Football Players’ Association, because they did everything they could to cancel the rules. Some clubs will go bankrupt, And in the middle of all this there are Milan, Juve, Roma…”

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