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Deliveroo delivery workers in Belgium qualify as employees, court rules

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The Brussels Labor Court has ruled that Belgium’s Deliveroo should consider its food delivery bike couriers as employees.

The ruling overturns an earlier court ruling that sided with the UK-based food delivery company, which classified couriers as self-employed.

The Labor Court’s ruling concerns the case of 28 bicycle couriers and could award them additional benefits, Reuters reported.

In 2018, the bicycle couriers filed a lawsuit against Deliveroo in cooperation with the Brussels Labor Inspectorate and the Belgian National Employment Agency.

Although the ruling is currently limited to these couriers, it is expected to affect the situation for other Belgian couriers working for Deliveroo.

The ruling of the Brussels Labor Court stated that “the terms of the employment relationship established between Deliveroo and the courier are inconsistent with the qualification of an independent employment relationship and that this relationship must be regarded as an employee relationship; This therefore leads to the conclusion that it should be reclassified.” ”

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Following the court’s decision, the company announced its intention to appeal to the Belgian Court of Cassation.

If the ruling is upheld, affected delivery workers will be able to enjoy benefits such as sick leave, fixed pay and paid holidays.

The company expressed its disappointment in an email saying it “doesn’t take into account how our model works.”

“We offer flexible work, which is highly appreciated by riders using our platform in Belgium.”

In September this year, Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat signed a charter with Transport for London.

The charter is expected to enhance safety for London’s motorbike couriers and other road users.

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