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Denmark maintains top spot in men’s national team rankings

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This ranking takes into account the final standings of the last three major international handball tournaments, Men’s EHF EURO 2022 and 2024 and Men’s IHF World Championship 2023, including their respective qualifying matches.

First place in all three championships is worth 160 points, second place is worth 144 points, and third place is worth 128 points. Denmark has a bronze medal at EHF EURO 2022, a gold medal at the World Championship, and a silver medal at EHF EURO 2024, giving them a total of 432 points, 6 points more than France, who won a gold medal at EHF EURO 2024, a silver medal at the World Championship, and a 4th place at EHF. . Euro 2022.

France has moved up two places compared to the previous ranking published in July last year. EHF EURO 2024 bronze medalists Sweden dropped from second to third place, while Germany moved up from sixth to fourth after finishing fourth in their home championship.

The Faroe Islands are the team that has improved the most out of the 50 national teams included in the ranking. Following his success, he finished 20th in his debut EHF EURO, moving up 10 places to 20th.

Greece moved up eight places in the rankings from 29th to 21st, while Austria moved up seven places from 20th to 13th after finishing 8th at EHF EURO 2024.

Among the teams participating in EHF EURO 2024, Poland has fallen the most, falling four places from 12th to 16th place. The Polish national team failed to qualify for the main tournament at EHF EURO, finishing in 16th place.

This ranking will be the basis for determining the seeding of teams for the EHF EURO 2026 Qualifiers, with the draw scheduled for spring 2024.

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