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Estonian children living in Belgium publish Christmas poetry book | News

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While it may get plenty of airtime in Estonian communities in North America, Finland, and other parts of the world, it also has a large presence in Belgium.

The ETV news program “Aktuaalne kaamera” (AK) said on Monday that schools serving the Estonian community in Belgium are enriched, in part due to the presence of many major EU institutions in the country, with poems, illustrations, It was reported that he has published a book cataloging his other creative works. All of them are Christmas themed and are loved by people of all ages.

The three children of the Treufert family did their best to contribute to the book, both in the form of poetry and drawings.

One of the children, Stella, told AK: “My poem is about a sad scarf. Children don’t like it because it makes them itch,” Stella said.

On the other hand, Emile: “I wrote a poem about a black cat on Christmas Eve. One morning, a black cat knocked over the Christmas tree, so I wrote that too. I saw a video of cats often knocking down Christmas trees. I came up with this idea.”

The third child, Ralph, concocts a story about a snowman who wanted to spend his time inside the house sitting in a warm armchair sipping piña coladas, but was instead doomed to remain outside in the cold.

Kairit Korsart, principal of the Estonian School in Belgium (Belgium Este Coeur), said a total of 75 poems and more than 20 illustrations were submitted by children aged 3 to 3, some of which Some needed encouragement from parents and teachers more than the children, they told AK. , up to the third year of high school.

A further challenge is that, given the lead time from manuscript stage to final print, children have to prepare their offerings by the autumn half-term, with Christmas-like production weeks in advance of the Christmas season. It was something I needed to be prepared for. This is the time of year in Belgium when the weather is still very warm and the leaves on the trees are still green.

“Aktuaalne kaamera”, reporter Joosep Värk.

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