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European technology leader imec opens innovation hub at Purdue

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Partnership with Belgium-based imec further strengthens Purdue University’s capabilities as a leading university in microelectronics research and development in the United States

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University and Belgium-based technology innovation organization imec celebrated the grand opening of their research and development hub on Friday (December 8) at the Convergence Center for Innovation and Collaboration on Purdue’s campus. . imec’s presence at Purdue helps accelerate breakthroughs in semiconductor technology.

Luc van den Hove, Mun Chan, Zhang Jianbon
Imec President and CEO Luc van den Hove, Purdue President Mun Chan, and Flanders Minister and President Jan Jambon participate in semiconductor technology research at Purdue’s Convergence Center. Celebrating the grand opening of our development base. (Purdue University photo) Download image

To mark the occasion, imec President and CEO Luc van den Hove spoke to Purdue President Moon Chan after a visit with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the Governor of Indiana. and Jean Jambon, Minister and President of the Flemish Region of Belgium, attended. Eric Holcomb of Indianapolis.

“Purdue University is excited to open a joint center with imec and IEDC on campus after today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony with President Jangbon and CEO Van den Hove,” said Chiang Kai-shek. “Purdue University has established itself as a leading university in the semiconductor field through successes such as the Department of Defense Microelectronics Commons Hub, the SCALE Workforce Consortium, the U.S.-Japan Semiconductor Alliance, and the U.S.-India Semiconductor Partnership. Chips in Europe This partnership with imec, the jewel in the crown of innovation, will flourish as a strategically pivotal moment in the growing semiconductor ecosystem in the heart of the Silicon Heartland. It will also build bridges with other universities and companies.”

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The Purdue location will be imec’s first research office in the Midwest, joining offices in California and Florida.

Imec and IEDC’s investment will bring researchers from the global research and development technology company to work collaboratively with faculty and students at the Burke Nanotechnology Center in Purdue’s Discovery Park District. Similarly, students and faculty will have the opportunity to work in Belgium.

group photo
The university’s new hub, the Purdue-imec partnership, joins a growing list of global partnerships and initiatives that create a collaborative network that will define the future of semiconductor, nanoelectronics, and digital technology research and development at Purdue. This is the latest one. (Purdue University photo) Download image

This partnership is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between imec, IEDC and the university announced in May.

“By working together, we can leverage each other’s capabilities, increase the quality and pace of innovation, and improve technology outcomes than either of us could do alone,” said Mark Lundstrom, Purdue’s chief semiconductor officer and senior advisor to the president. I can do that.” “This partnership aims to leverage imec’s extensive global expertise and Purdue University’s academic capabilities to further propel Indiana into a prominent position within the semiconductor innovation ecosystem.”

Already a hub for interdisciplinary research and collaboration, the Convergence Center will now be staffed by imec staff who will collaborate with Purdue researchers to push the boundaries of nano and digital innovation. This transatlantic partnership is poised to advance Indiana’s standing in the semiconductor industry by fostering collaborative research and development initiatives between academia, industry, and economic development partners.

Lundstrom, who was appointed to lead Purdue’s Semiconductor Task Force in April, said, “The state strongly supports this partnership because of the potential for significant economic development benefits.” . “IMEC’s ​​significant presence will help us attract other companies here that have already partnered with imec in Europe and can now work with imec on Purdue’s campus.”

This partnership aligns with Purdue’s commitment to academic excellence and further emphasizes a multifaceted approach that positions the university at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and solidifies its position as a center of the Silicon Heartland. Become something.

The addition of the imec site is the latest in a growing list of global partnerships and initiatives Purdue has built to create a collaborative network that will define the future of semiconductor, nanoelectronics and digital technology research and development at Purdue. belongs to.

Purdue’s growing semiconductor innovation ecosystem is one of three key pillars of Purdue Computes, a comprehensive effort across computing, physical AI, semiconductors, and quantum to deliver unparalleled excellence at scale. will be realized.

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