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First LGBT+ bullfighter publicly joins Spain’s macho bullfighting world

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Spanish bullfighting.
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  • The Spanish bullfighter spoke about his sexuality in an interview with Spanish newspaper El Mundo.
  • Mario Alcalde, 31, told the outlet that he identifies as pansexual.
  • This is said to make him the country’s first publicly LGBT+ bullfighter.

The bullfighter revealed this to a Spanish newspaper. El Mundo He is He is Spain’s first openly LGBT+ bullfighter.

Mario Alcalde, 31, works as a baggage handler at the airport. But he is also one of Spain’s bullfighters.

Alcalde made headlines in the country last month after opening up about her sexuality and saying she is pansexual (a person who is attracted to others regardless of their gender or gender).

“I follow my own path. I have different ideas from other bullfighters,” Alcalde said.

“My taste in bullfighting is unusual, both politically and sexually. I am pansexual,” he added.

He said he didn’t know how people in the bullring would react to the news, but made it clear: “I don’t care what other people think.”

But in a subsequent interview with the BBC, Alcalde said he was pleasantly surprised by the response, saying: “People are accepting it in the best way possible.”

He reportedly said he wanted to open a meeting place for bullfighting fans in Madrid’s LGBTQ+ district of Chueca.

Alcalde also believes that his decision to come out is similar to that of other players in a sport traditionally associated with machismo and Spanish conservatism. I hope that it will pave the way for people to come out.

Supporters say bullfighting is an art form

bull and matador in the bullring
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Bullfighting has long been a controversial topic in Spain and around the world.

Blood sports are banned in many countries, but remain legal in many parts of Spain, according to animal rights group Humane Society International (HSI).

Despite this, bullfighting’s popularity has declined over the years, and thousands of people have attended rallies calling for its abolition.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says that thousands of cows die each year in bullfights, which pits “agile, sword-wielding bullfighters” against “deranged bullfighters”. It is pointed out that it is an “inaccurate term” to refer to a competition in which people compete. They are crippled, mentally distressed, and physically weakened animals. ”

Supporters, however, argue that bullfighting is an art form with deep roots in Spanish tradition.

Alcalde is one of them.

“If I had to live another life, I would be willing to be a brave bull and die like a brave bull,” he told the BBC.

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