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Former NATO commander’s predictions for war with China

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Retired US Navy Admiral James Stavridis, former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), said China would not be ready for a potential war with the US for “about 10 years”. Ta.

Stavridis made the remarks in an interview aired on talk radio this week. Michael Medved show. Asked whether tensions centered on territorial disputes in the South China Sea could spill over into a new global war, he said the United States and its regional allies have a decade-long commitment to prepare for a possible war with China. He said there would be a “grace period.”

Military activity by the United States and its regional allies in the sensitive waters of the Taiwan Strait has put U.S.-China relations at risk. China claims sovereignty over the strait and much of the rest of the South China Sea, contrary to international maritime law and the views of nearly every country in the world.

“Although China is building a large fleet and is acting aggressively, it is not ready yet,” Stavridis said. “If we go to war with China, it’s not just the United States and China. We have treaty allies who have committed to participate in such military operations.”[…]Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand. ”

“That’s a lot of firepower,” he continued. “My estimation is that China won’t be ready to counter the United States in a very mature way for about 10 years. So there’s a bit of a grace period here, where we can bring deterrence and military power to bear. I think we can strengthen our military power to maintain the situation.” He also plans to use diplomacy.[…]Otherwise, it means that you need to remove tension from the relationship. ”

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Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force soldiers pictured in Guangshui, China, July 30, 2017. Former NATO commander James Stavridis said this week that China would not be ready for a potential war with the United States for “about 10 years.”

Stavridis’s writings 2034: A novel about the next world war Anticipating a global conflict with China, he went on to say that a November summit between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping near San Francisco “relieved some of the tension in the relationship.” However, he acknowledged that the talks “did not resolve all issues.” . ”

newsweek He requested comment via email Thursday from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Washington, D.C.

Retired Chinese Navy Rear Admiral Yang Yi also appeared to suggest that China was not ready to go to war with the United States, saying at an event in Beijing on Saturday that China’s military “will become strong and powerful.” “We have to prepare for a variety of scenarios.” ”

“Power is very important,” he said. “If you are powerful and strong, the United States will not dare to offend you, and you will be better able to protect your national interests.”

The Taiwan Strait conflict has raised concerns among some that a small incident could quickly lead to a full-scale war.This scenario has recently been amplified and promoted by Chinese state media in English. Global Times, It is known for promoting Chinese Communist Party propaganda to a global audience.

Relations between China and U.S. ally the Philippines have been particularly tense in recent months, with Beijing asserting sovereignty claims over energy-rich areas of the South China Sea that are within the Philippines’ internationally recognized exclusive economic zone. are increasingly using force.