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From the UK and Canada to Singapore, what influences NRI investment decisions? See trends by country

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Parallel to the rapid growth of India’s investment environment, NRI investments are also steadily increasing. Although the Indian investment ecosystem is certainly a lucrative market for NRIs, many companies do not consider the investment horizon as a crucial factor while formulating their financial strategy. Against this backdrop, SBNRI, an NRI-centric investment platform, recently conducted a study to uncover the key factors that shape long-term or short-term investment decisions.

India’s investment ecosystem not only offers NRIs a wealth of investment options, including mutual funds, real estate, and stocks, but also offers unique opportunities to diversify their investment portfolio.

Key findings of the report.

Post-retirement planning

Along these lines, SBNRI’s research report found that 18% of NRIs based in Canada, followed by 16% in the UK and 12% in Singapore, are planning for retirement while developing a long-term investment strategy. It became clear that the emphasis was on planning. Meanwhile, 9% of his NRIs in Singapore attach great importance to asset preservation, compared to just 2% and 1% of her NRIs in the UK and Canada, respectively.

education funds

Additionally, the report found that only 4%, 3%, and 1% of NRIs in Canada, the UK, and Singapore, respectively, focus on education funding when making long-term investments. Ta.

“India has emerged as an attractive investment destination for NRIs, offering them a wide range of options and portfolio diversification,” said Mudit Vijaybergiya, Founder, SBNRI. But the choice between long-term and short-term investing can be exhaustive, from geopolitical funnel maneuvering to risk tolerance to tax implications, and there are many different ways to diversify your investments. The factors are intertwined. ”

Aggressive risk tolerance

In the area of ​​long-term investments, the SBNRI report found that 8% of Canadian-based NRIs have adopted an aggressive risk tolerance, compared to just 7% of UK and US NRIs. It has been revealed that the company is adopting a risk tolerance level. This is followed by 4% of her NRIs in the UK choosing a more conservative risk tolerance, compared to 3% in Canada and the US.

Additionally, 5% of NRIs in Canada, the US, and the UK choose a moderate risk tolerance when developing long-term investment strategies.


Global factors influence investment decisions

In a highly competitive environment, global economic trends and geopolitical concerns typically impact every aspect of an industry. No exception, the SBNRI report found that 21% of NRIs in Singapore, followed by 15% in Canada and 11% in other countries, consider global economic trends and geopolitical stability when making long-term investment decisions. He also revealed that he was affected.

Conversely, only a fraction, with 4% in Canada and 3% and 2% in Singapore and other countries, respectively, do not prioritize geopolitical stability when making long-term investment decisions.

SBNRI’s report moved into the area of ​​short-term investments, examining instant liquidity as a key factor influencing short-term investments.

The report found that only 1% of NRIs in Australia and the UK consider immediate liquidity to be an important factor in their short-term investment decisions, compared to 3% in the US. revealed. However, we believe this is an important factor, with 7% NRIs from the UK and 6% NRIs from Australia and the US, and the numbers are increasing.

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  • The SBNRI report revealed that it is essential for NRIs to consider the tax implications while making investment decisions, given the favorable services to attract investments to India.

    About 13% of NRIs based in Canada, 9% and 8% from the US and other countries respectively, prefer to consider this as a very important aspect. Only 4% of Canadian NRIs, followed by 1% of NRIs from the US and other countries, do not focus on understanding the tax implications on their investments.

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    First published: February 10, 2024, 13:11 IST

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