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Monday, July 22, 2024

Hidden Spanish gems « Euro Weekly News

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Spanish news media often ask British news outlets about how Spanish cities and culture are perceived in the UK.

A recent article in a leading Spanish newspaper shed light on a Spanish city that has long charmed British tourists with its understated beauty and rich history.

In the 2022 tourism map, Spain attracted more than 70 million tourists, most of them from the UK, France and Germany. This surge in tourism highlights Spain’s appeal, particularly among British travelers who value Spain’s climate, cuisine and culture.

Girona: an overlooked wonder

Just 100 kilometers from Barcelona, ​​the Catalan city of Girona is overshadowed by more famous places, but it captures the hearts of many British tourists.

Once known primarily for its airport’s proximity to Barcelona, ​​and once described as “one of Spain’s most underrated cities,” Girona is now being recognized for its essential value.

Girona is the gateway for many people heading to Spain’s largest cities. However, the overwhelming opinion is that it should be appreciated much more.

Girona has some of the best-preserved medieval walls and cobbled streets, and is rated as the most beautiful in Europe. In particular, the television fantasy series Game of Thrones chose the town to film several scenes.

splendor of architecture and nature

Girona not only boasts emblematic buildings such as the symmetrical bell tower of the Monastery of San Pedro de Gariganto and the Arab Baths, but also its scenic surroundings to explore.

Surrounded by the Pyrenees Mountains and surrounded by forests, Girona’s charm lies not only in its architecture, but also in the majesty of the River Honard, which flows through the city.

More than just a stopover, Girona has emerged as a destination worthy of admiration and exploration. The combination of historical splendor, architectural beauty and natural scenery makes it a hidden gem that is now receiving the attention it deserves.

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