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How to Find Long-Term Career Fulfillment in Today’s World

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The post-global shutdown career landscape requires more than survival — it demands new skills to achieve professional fulfillment.

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!” – Dorothy, The Wizard Of Oz

“It’s no surprise that the career landscape has been irreversibly transformed by the global shutdown. For many of us, this forced us to pivot into new industries, driven by the need to keep food on our tables, maintain the added costs of our lifestyle due to inflation and continue funding our financial blueprint strategy so we can have financial freedom. While the initial climb is often pure white-knuckle survival mode, having clarity on your outcomes for career, life and business is the main thing that’s helped turbocharge my success post-global shutdown.

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My challenge for you is to set aside time to get clear on your own path.

Ask questions like:

  1. Where do I see myself in 1-2 years in my life and business/career if everything worked out perfectly as planned?

  2. How can I add value right now?

  3. What would I do with my time if I had all the money possible?

  4. Where are the areas I need clarity on?

  5. Who do I know that can help me get to the other side of this hurdle?

  6. Ask people for book recommendations that would give insights that would cut down the time to get to the other side.

  7. And lastly, my favorite: Ask ChatGPT for help with getting clarity in this matter.

As you navigate this new path, one of your biggest hurdles will be avoiding at all costs the temptation of taking the path of least resistance. Remember, the obstacle is usually the way to break through. It’s not pleasant, you and I both know that, yet if you can remember a time you didn’t give up, pushed through and got that breakthrough moment, you’ll be able to harness that state of mind to empower yourself to win this chapter in your life.

Real growth and lasting change begin with refocusing on your self-mastery journey. This isn’t just about moving up the career ladder or buying that first-class ticket to Portugal; it’s about learning how to serve your clients and team with gratitude while finding new ways to add massive value to the marketplace.

Once you start hitting significant milestones, like earning an extra $100,000 annually or achieving $10k monthly in passive income, it’s time to reflect — not just celebrate. Ask yourself: What skills helped me get here? How can I leverage them further? The goal isn’t just to achieve financial comfort but to prepare for long-term career and life fulfillment.

This stage of career development is less about monetary gain and more about tending to the cracks in your foundation. The future you is relying on you to take this seriously.

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The pursuit of career fulfillment is very often a much larger struggle than you expected, and not many will tell you the truth about it, but I will. It starts with meeting basic needs but evolves into a quest for meaningful achievements that reflect our deepest values and aspirations. It’s about recognizing the right times to push forward and when to pivot, flexing your faith muscle knowing that each step you take is aligned with your broader life goals.

If you’re at this crossroads, remember: You only lose when you quit. Going backward isn’t the same as giving up. And sometimes a miracle takes a bit longer than anticipated. Have faith that this storm will pass, and remember to learn the lessons you are supposed to get out of this season.

You need to continue learning. The skills that got you where you are today might not be the same ones needed for the future. Invest in education, choose formal schooling, online courses and even self-study. By maintaining professional relationships, you can have a lot of opportunities flowing. Attend industry events, join professional groups, and do not be afraid to reach out to mentors for advice and collaboration — networking is still part of learning a new skill.

Maintaining a balance between work and personal life is crucial. Set boundaries to ensure you have time for relaxation and personal growth. Burnout is a real risk, and maintaining a healthy balance is important for long-term success. Being open to change and willing to adapt is a great part of thriving in the new normal.

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As you find your footing and start to succeed, think about how you can contribute to your community or industry, either through mentorship or sharing your knowledge, as navigating the new normal is not just about surviving but thriving, with a proactive approach and commitment.

With the right mindset and strategies, we can turn challenges into opportunities and stay focused and resilient. Remember that the journey to professional success is not easy — we will always have highs and lows, and we should be prepared with them with our eyes opened. Embrace the changes and think about what that situation will teach you, and you will find yourself thriving in the new normal.

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