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‘Hungry hippos’ to help new Belgium reduce carbon emissions

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Colorado craft breweries could take advantage of this new carbon reduction technology to create a true “win-win” when it comes to making delicious beer.

CSU researchers have teamed up with a Fort Collins company to develop an entirely new type of system that could make some of Colorado’s craft beer cleaner. How do hippos get in?

New Belgium Brewing – Fat Tire

TSM/Dave Jensen

Coloradans love craft beer, and so many Coloradans are concerned about climate change. A new way to create the steam needed to make craft beer may raise some eyebrows.

When it comes to craft beer in Colorado, I’m always the first to say, “I’m more on the consumer side,” but this new project going on at CSU is going to change my perspective when it comes to craft beer production. caught my eye. Beer. Additionally, there are hippos. This is great.

Latest technology used in new Belgian Fort Collins

Colorado State University says students in the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering on the CSU campus in Fort Collins are working on the first boiler of its kind to be used at New Belgium Brewing. A college student is working on a beer project, and it’s sure to be fun.

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This all-new boiler uses an electric heat pump rather than burning natural gas and produces about one-third of the thermal energy New Belgium needs to make its craft beer.

New Belgium Brewing

Facebook/New Belgium

Colorado says this “decarbonization” of the steam process could lead to a 7% reduction in gas emissions worldwide if used in beer, food, paper manufacturers and other industries. .

Where do hippos come from?

When developing the boiler kettle using CAD, the team joked that it looked like a baby hippo, and that carried over into the actual development of the boiler. So, once it was completed, they “officially” named it “Hungry Hungry.” [Hippo.]”

CSU project reduces gas emissions at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins

YouTube/Colorado State University

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