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Italy-Austria power line interconnection begins operation

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Italy-Austria power line interconnection begins operationItaly-Austria power line interconnection begins operation

Image: Terna

A new 220kV underground transmission line interconnection between Italy and Austria has started operation.

The fully underground interconnection will extend for 28 kilometers along the Italian-Austrian border, linking the substations of Glorenza in northern Italy and Nauders, the first city on the Austrian side of the Röschen Pass.

The project will allow both countries to increase maximum import capacity to 300MW, doubling current capacity and facilitating further integration of renewable energy sources and improving grid reliability in border regions.

Additionally, this infrastructure allows for the transportation of low-cost electricity to energy-intensive regions, thereby benefiting the country’s electricity system.

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“The interconnection with Austria is a further important step forward for the development of an increasingly secure, efficient and interconnected European power grid,” said CEO and General Manager of Italian TSO Terna, with a total investment of 80 euros. said Giuseppina di Foggia. 1 million dollars (US$89 million) for the project.

“Terna’s 10-year development plan foresees a total investment of €2 billion in strengthening international interconnections, enabling greater integration of renewable resources and significantly contributing to achieving the goals set in the energy transition. I will contribute.”

On the Italian side, the project was promoted by Regia Interconnector, a subsidiary of Terna, as part of a framework agreement with Terna regulating its realization, operation and maintenance.

Terna will then transfer the entire capital of Resia Interconnector to a consortium consisting of Interconnector Energy Italia, Consorzio Toscana Energia and VDP Fonderia through an agreement for the construction and operation of a dedicated section of the interconnector in Italy. Completed the sale.

Construction began at the end of 2020 in cooperation with Austria’s TSO, Austrian Power Networks.

On the Austrian side, APG has invested around EUR 91.5 million in new 220kV lines, a new Nauders substation and a 380kV connection to the Austrian-wide power grid at the West Tyrol substation.

APG spokesperson Christophe Schuh said the new connections are critical to achieving climate goals.

“Intensive use of hydropower in western Austria and further expansion of wind and solar power generation in Italy and Europe are expected, which will lead to increased exchange of electricity between all countries in the Alpine region. We need new line and substation capacity to deal with this.”

The interconnection of Italy and Austria was one of ENTSO-E’s 10-year plans.

Other interconnections Terna is developing are between Italy and France, Italy and Tunisia and Italy, and Corsica and Sardinia.

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