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La Cartuja refuses to stand out from the crowd –

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Spain: La Cartuja refuses to stand out from the crowd
The battle for a spot on the final list of host cities for the 2030 World Cup is reaching a decisive stage. La Cartuja appears to have a place secured, but the local government wants to renovate the stadium to maintain its status.

La Cartuja needs renovation

The 2030 World Cup will definitely be unique when you look at the number of countries in which the matches will be played. Three continents, six countries, and ultimately “only” 15-20 venues hosting tournaments. While other countries have already decided on specific stadium options, competition remains fierce in Spain over the site. At the first stage of selection, it was determined that although Andalusia has three large and fairly modern arenas, only the largest arena, the Estadio Olimpico de Sevilla, has the right to host the next championship match. decided to contest.

With the complete renovation of the Santiago Bernabéu and Spotify Camp Nou, as well as the development of other Iberian stadiums, Andalusia is 100% confident that La Cartuja in its current form will be appreciated by the organizing committee and FIFA. That has become impossible. So Arturo Bernal, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Municipality, floated the idea of ​​upgrading Sevilla’s largest stadium and competing for yet another prestigious position.

Estadio Olympique de Seville© Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

Will La Cartuja officially become Spain’s national stadium?

La Cartuja currently has a maximum capacity of 57,619 people. Plans from local authority members responsible for sport will see the venue’s capacity increase to 75,000 as a result of the redevelopment. According to the portal, this change will be made possible by converting the arena’s functionality into a football stadium, which means removing the athletics track and lowering the level of the pitch. But the most important question is: how much will the work cost?

Media estimates have estimated that demolishing the infrastructure in exchange for new seats for fans will cost around 10 million yen. 40 million euros. Meanwhile, the construction cost is estimated at around 200 million euros. Bernal pointed out that the Andalusian government has already spent €5 million on changes to La Cartuja in recent months. Also noteworthy is the fact that the described changes apply not only to the 2030 World Cup, but also to the venue’s plans to obtain official national stadium status.

Bernal confirmed that the upgrade was due to reaching a long-term agreement with the Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to make La Cartuja the home of the Spanish national team for many years to come. It would also mean, as I wrote a few months ago, that local soccer federations would abandon the idea of ​​building arenas exclusively for top teams.

Estadio Olympique de Seville© Валерий Дед (CC BY 3.0)

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