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Little Italy residents call for more street security after Christmas Eve shooting, other recent crimes – NBC 7 San Diego

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After gunfire from across the street injured a man and shattered the calm of Christmas Eve Mass at a Little Italy church, one resident felt he had to take action to make the area safer. He said he is doing so.

Little Italy resident Kevin Arnold did not attend Mass at Our Lady of the Rosary on State Street, but said news of the shooting was just the latest example of escalating crime in the neighborhood.

“It makes me angry when homeowners talk about trespassing and people breaking into buildings, tearing up cars, destroying property,” Arnold said.

Arnold said he was so shaken up that he would consider working with local leaders and law enforcement to have a professional security team walk the streets of Little Italy.

“They’re going to have a relationship with the San Diego Police Department. They’re not going to have weapons. They’re going to have radios, they’re going to have flashlights. And basically, if they see something, We will pass that on to the San Diego Police Department,” Arnold explained. Diego police. ”

Residents have mixed feelings.

Despite raising concerns for some people dealing with mental health issues on the streets, others say they feel safe and don’t need foot patrols.

Resident Taryn Imes praises the plan to increase security.

“I think that’s a good idea. Personally, though, I don’t leave the house without my mace because I’ve been chased and felt in danger so many times in the past two years.” Imes said.

To put things into perspective, we checked the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) for the latest crime statistics for the area.

The total number of violent crimes from January to October 2022 is down nearly 22% compared to the same period this year, according to the data. However, according to ARJIS, the total number of property crimes, such as home theft and motor vehicle theft, has increased by 35%.

“We live here. We see it every day,” Arnold said.

That’s one reason he wants to work with residents, homeowners associations and businesses to fund programs to reduce crime in the area.

“It’s unfortunate what happened.” [on Christmas Eve]. It’s a shame that churches can’t hold services unless someone turns into the Wild West. ”

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