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Major changes in Italy will have devastating impact on Serie A

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The Italian Council of Ministers has made major changes that will affect Serie A and all clubs in Italy. This is terrible news for football in this country.

The motion would have provided financial discounts to athletes, especially foreign players, until February. However, the Council of Ministers rejected this. As a result, Serie A clubs will miss out on incentives during the winter transfer window due to the Growth Decree.

The ruling could have far-reaching implications for the market value of Italian teams and the competitiveness of the league. As of January 1, 2024, these clubs will no longer receive any benefits regarding recruitment management or rostered player salaries.

What is the Serie A growth order?

Thanks to the Growth Decree, an economic incentive, clubs could save half of the tax on foreign players’ salaries. As a result, it has become easier to compete with the wages offered in the UK and Spain.

The original plan was to extend it until the end of February or even the entire January transfer window. Nevertheless, the Italian government refused to extend it beyond December 31, according to the ANSA report.

Serie A clubs will have to pay foreign players a total wage of $1.6 million instead of $2.2 million. As a result, teams hired players at salaries that exceeded what the club could actually afford to spend.

The Italian government is keen to abolish the Growth Decree completely. Its discontinuation and use have been at the center of debate in recent months.

After the end of the Growth Order, some clubs find their transfer plans difficult. On the contrary, some believe that these incentives will only lead to increased investment in Italian talent. These players will be much cheaper than foreign players.

Threat to Italy’s top race

Clubs claim that without the Growth Order they would not be able to afford elite international players.

This will reduce the standard of the league and the ability of teams to compete on a global and European scale. This would have a devastating impact on the finances and public profile of Italian football.

Lega Serie A is therefore pleading with the government to reconsider the abolition of the Growth Decree due to the devastating consequences that would follow.

“Lega Serie A notes with shock and concern the rumors in the media surrounding the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers not to approve the extension of the special financial regime for athletes relocating to Italy.

“If such a decision were to be confirmed, the result would only be the opposite of what was sought.

“As we have explained clearly and in detail in the notes we have sent to Government in recent days, without an extension, clubs will be less competitive, resulting in less revenue and resources to invest in our youth academies. will decrease, resulting in less money entering the treasury.

“The fact that the proposal for an extension was fully clarified before it was submitted to the Cabinet, but was ultimately ruled out makes me think that a distorted view of football has once again been influenced by false clichés. ”Owned.

“Unfortunately, this is a vision that does not take into account the extraordinary economic, social and cultural role of our industry in Italy,” they said in a statement.

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