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Man convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher in Italy in 2007 is under surveillance for abuse charges

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A court in Rome has ordered a man convicted of the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher and released three years ago to be placed under “special supervision” for allegedly abusing his ex-girlfriend. . Italian Media reported on Friday.

The order was issued after his ex-girlfriend filed a complaint last summer against Rudy Guede, 36, an Ivorian man convicted of Karcher’s murder. This followed a restraining order in December that prohibited Guede from coming within 500 meters of the woman and forced her to wear an electronic bracelet.

Under the new ruling, Guede will also be banned from having any contact with his ex-girlfriend, including on social media. Her identity was not identified in the report. La Presse news agency did not reveal the date of the order.

Rudy Guede
Rudy Guede, an Ivorian man, was found guilty of murdering Meredith Kercher. (Getty)

According to the ANSA news agency, Guede must report to the police if he leaves the city of Viterbo in central Italy, where he lives.

According to reports, Guede denies all charges against him. His lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Karcher’s murder in the university city of Perugia gained international notoriety after her American roommate, Amanda Knox, and Knox’s then-boyfriend were accused.

Amanda Knox on trial in 2010 (Associated Press)
Amanda Knox on trial in 2010 (Associated Press) (AP)
Meredith Kercher.  (AP)
Meredith Kercher passed away in 2007. (AP)

Both men were initially found guilty, but the Italian Supreme Court overturned their convictions in 2015 after a series of reversals.

Guede was initially convicted in a speedy trial process. He denies killing Kercher.

He was released in November 2021 after completing most of his 16-year prison sentence.

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