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The measure was proposed by the Ministry of Health in the face of rising coronavirus and influenza infections. Data shows the percentage of people testing positive for coronavirus has increased by 14 percent, and the number of influenza infections has increased by 20 percent.

The surge in respiratory infections has coincided with a decline in flu and coronavirus vaccinations. The Ministry of Health recently released data on the number of people who have been vaccinated. Only 60 percent of people over 80 have received a shot, compared to nearly 100 percent in the worst year of the pandemic.

The numbers are even lower for patients aged 70-79 (47%) and those aged 60-69, with only 27% of Spaniards in this age group having been vaccinated. Jaime Pérez, president of the Spanish Vaccination Association (AEV), said: “The 60-69 age group clearly does not consider themselves a vulnerable group, but this is being noticed.” The organization launched a campaign at the beginning of the season to encourage the public to get vaccinated.

Increased infection rate

In the face of rising infections, the Ministry of Health has issued recommendations to stop the spread of the virus. This is due to the fact that in the past week the number of infected people has increased by almost 40%. Therefore, several measures have been added to prevent infection, such as washing hands, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and using a mask.

Additionally, everyone is advised to embrace remote work, even if their flu symptoms are mild. These proactive measures are aimed not only at protecting those with symptoms, but also at preventing the spread of infection to others in the workplace. Businesses and employees are encouraged to work together to effectively implement this measure and enable people with symptoms to fulfill their work responsibilities from home.

Will mandatory masks be reinstated?

After all, a frightening mask becomes an essential protective tool, especially in closed and crowded places. These recommendations strengthen government commitment to community health and safety and call for individual and collective responsibility in public health management.

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