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McKenney pasta toppings anger Italians

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Weston McKechnie is becoming an iconoclast in Italian cuisine.

When the Italian zigs, McKennie zigs. And the American midfielder wouldn’t have it any other way.

Two years ago, McKennie told his then Juventus teammate Giorgio Chiellini that he had put ranch dressing on his pizza, leaving the veteran and very Italian defender stunned and horrified.

Giorgio, what do you think?

Now, McKechnie is back with a slightly less melded Italian cuisine, but still spreading its wings in one of the world’s gastronomic powerhouses.

The U.S. men’s national team midfielder appears to be incorporating a combination of toppings into his pasta that Italians simply can’t resist: chicken, pesto, and tomato.

Truly monstrous.

Speaking on the 19F podcast, McKechnie said (in Italian) that Italian culture can sometimes be too narrow-minded, citing favorite pasta toppings as an example.

“I like the people here in Italy, but the mentality is too closed, if not completely closed,” McKennie said.

“Here in Italy, we value tradition, and that’s fine, but you have to be open-minded. For example. When I eat pasta with pesto, tomatoes, and chicken, people say, ‘That’s disgusting. That’s it!” come! ‘

“Here’s the thing: Everyone says it’s disgusting, but they’ve never tried it.”

CNN’s Free Idea: “Weston McKenney: Looking for Italy.” we will definitely see it.

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