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Monday, July 22, 2024

Metals Markets: Macroeconomic Challenges vs. Energy Transition Needs

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Metals and minerals play a pivotal role in driving the energy transition efforts globally. From copper and lithium to nickel and cobalt, these essential resources are powering the development of solar panels, wind turbines, and batteries, plus alloys such as steel form the backbone of infrastructure. The energy revolution is expanding the metals and mining ecosystem, bringing together stakeholders across diverse sectors, with renewable energy developers, builders, battery and auto manufacturers, and supply chain carriers all part of this dynamic landscape, that is influenced by global policymakers.

However, while long-term demand for metals continues to rise, there are supply lag risks and metals markets remain volatile during a transitionary period. Local and broader geopolitical events add further strain to supply chains, and the industry continues to wait for more definitive macroeconomic signals on the timing of stronger near-term demand growth.

In this interactive report, S&P Global Commodity Insights team of metals experts looks at some of the key commodities within the context of the energy transition, including in-depth assessments of the important factors that are materially impacting supply, demand and price outlooks for ferrous and nonferrous metals. Access your copy today.

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