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Number of songs reported in Finland in 2023 hits record high

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An unprecedented situation Due to the rise in musical creativity, Finnish producers reported a record number of songs in 2023, according to statistics from Finnish copyright organization Gramex. The number of tracks reported last year significantly increased by more than 30% compared to 2022, with a total of 21,785 new songs registered.

A detailed analysis by GramexPress, an online media affiliated with Gramex, reveals a steady increase in the number of trucks reported from 2020 to 2023.

However, 2023 took a huge leap forward, with over 5,000 more songs reported than the previous year.

Multiple factors contribute to this growth, which is explained as follows: Tuomas Taronpoika, director of Gramex. “This figure clearly shows that Finnish producers have been particularly active in reporting songs over the last year. A trend towards producing music in different ways and the entry of new actors into this field have been noticeable. At the same time, recording music has become technically easier.” “A good example of this phenomenon is songs produced by social media influencers,” Taronpoika elaborates.

This trend is partially reflected in Gramex’s recent increase in artist-producer client relationships. “We are seeing an increasing number of clients taking on the roles of both artist (singer or musician) and record producer. This also means that music performers economically produce recordings. Home, but that definitely includes DIY creators, “Well,” Taronpoika added.

The main driver of the surge in song reports is the acceleration of Gramex’s distribution frequency. “Last year, for the first time, we distributed recording royalties up to four times per year. Historically frequent distribution schedules and active communication have likely kept producers’ press efforts active.” Taronpoika speculates.

Taronpoika said, “It’s great that record producers actively report all their songs to us. We can only pay royalties to performers and producers for the songs that are reported.” emphasize the importance of

The significant increase in song reporting is due to advances in technology, easier access to music production, and Gramex’s role in ensuring that artists and producers are rewarded for their creative output. It highlights that the world is evolving.


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