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Passenger filmed prying open Singapore MRT train door, another accusation

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SINGAPORE: A commuter who was seen in multiple videos circulating online prying MRT doors open from the inside was again charged with public nuisance on December 29.

Vanessa Wang Zhichi, 47, is currently facing three charges of public nuisance and one charge of assault.

According to court documents, Wang is suspected of disturbing commuters by forcing open the door of a train at Yo Chu Kang station around 11 a.m. on December 1.

The document does not say whether the train was still running at the time.

Wang was previously charged with committing similar crimes at Braddell Station on November 27 and Ang Mo Kio Station on November 29.

Wang also allegedly kicked a man in the leg at Ang Mo Kio Station on November 29.

Court documents identify Wang as a man, but video of the train crash shows a person wearing a black strappy top and skirt.

Video of the Nov. 29 incident shows a passenger trying to push open the sliding door of a train traveling on the Namboku Line. Other commuters could be heard yelling at the man to stop.

Witnesses said one door wobbled and briefly opened a crack before other commuters stopped the passengers.

In an earlier statement to The Straits Times, SMRT president Ram Shokai said SMRT staff were alerted to the incident on the train at around 1pm on November 29.

He added that the passengers were uncooperative and became aggressive when staff entered the train to investigate.

Online photos after the incident showed the passenger lying face down on the platform of Ang Mo Kio station, surrounded by public transport security commanders and station staff.

Mr Wang’s case was adjourned until January. – Straits Times/ANN

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