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Riot police dispatched to remove pro-life activists praying peacefully in Spain

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Pro-life activists continue to be persecuted for their peaceful prayers in Europe, but now in Spain.

ACI Plensa reported that the Madrid government sent 20 riot police to prevent a group of 10 pro-life young people from praying the rosary in front of the abortion facility Dator. Ta. Dr. Jesús Poveda, a pro-life physician, was also arrested for sitting quietly in front of the facility.

Poveda did not appear to be blocking the door to the facility, but police ordered him to move anyway. When he refused, he was arrested, placed in a police car, and taken to the police station.

Pobeda performs this act of “passive resistance” for just one day each year. It is the Feast of the Holy Innocents, celebrated on December 28th. Other supporters are calling for pictures of unborn children to be posted on the doors of abortion facilities around Barcelona and Madrid, with messages such as “He is holy and innocent” and “Are you going to turn a blind eye?” arranged.

As a group of counterprotesters prayed, they also chanted, “Keep the rosary away from our ovaries,” “I had an abortion, too. So what!” Played loud music.

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Officers removed the pro-life group from the facility, but they continued to kneel and pray the rosary. However, they continued to be harassed by the police, who chased them around and prevented them from moving freely in the space. One man was searched by police and forced to empty his pockets.

Last year, Spanish politicians passed a resolution criminalizing so-called “harassment” of women who try to enter abortion facilities. Penalties could include up to one year in prison. Although there is no mention of prayer, the bill defines “harassment” as “approaching a woman with photographs, model fetuses, declarations against abortion, etc….The purpose is to change a woman’s decision through coercion, intimidation, or harassment. It is explained as follows.

But in England, prayer is have Many pro-life activists have been arrested for simply praying silently while standing near abortion facilities, and even silent prayer has been criminalized. Earlier this month, a court ruled that such discrimination could exist because even a silent prayer could be considered “detrimental” to the so-called “right” to an abortion.

The Justice Department sent a pro-life grandmother to prison this Christmas for protesting the killing of her unborn child. Appeal to Congress within 30 seconds. Stop the Department of Justice from targeting pro-life Americans.

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