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Secretary Blinken’s Visits to Belgium, North Macedonia, Israel, West Bank, and UAE

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Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will visit Belgium, North Macedonia, Israel, the West Bank, and the UAE from November 27 to December 2, 2023.

Secretary Blinken will be in Belgium to attend NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meetings, including the first Foreign Ministers’ Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council. Secretary Blinken emphasized NATO’s firm commitment to Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression, emphasized support for democracy and regional stability in the Western Balkans, and outlined priorities for the Washington Summit in July 2024. We are planning to discuss.

During his visit to North Macedonia, Secretary Blinken spoke with OSCE officials and reiterated the United States’ firm commitment to the OSCE and its commitment to promoting security, stability, and cooperation among nations, with a particular focus on human rights and peaceful solutions. We plan to reaffirm our core mission. of conflict. Secretary Blinken will also emphasize the vital role the OSCE plays in promoting comprehensive security across the region and thank North Macedonia for its leadership role.

In Israel and the West Bank, Secretary Blinken will discuss Israel’s right to defend itself under international humanitarian law, secure the release of remaining hostages, protect civilian lives during Israel’s Gaza operation, and They will also discuss continued efforts to accelerate humanitarian assistance to civilians. In Gaza. He will also discuss the principles outlined in Tokyo on November 8, concrete steps to facilitate the establishment of a future Palestinian state, and the need to prevent the conflict from escalating.

Finally, Secretary Blinken will travel to Dubai to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, where he will speak with leaders about the need for continued global action to address the climate crisis. The Secretary will also meet with his counterparts on regional issues, including the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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