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Selfie queen Martha Stewart posts steamy photo from Italy

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From stockbrokers to media moguls to celebrity chefs. martha stewart I’ve done everything.

But in recent years, Stewart, 82, has taken a special turn towards her modeling roots, sharing sultry photos on social media, from poolside photos to kitchen snaps, and eventually He even appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

In a 2023 interview with InStyle, she said she felt “amazing” to be recognized as a sex symbol at the age of 82, adding, “It actually sets a good example for other people. is a teacher. I am.” I’m trying to teach others that you look great. ”

Stewart recently shared a new selfie of her relaxing at Hotel Castello di Reschio in Tuscany, Italy. She said of her experience, “It was dark. There were candlelight. It was mystical.” She — it was the perfect place for a steamy photo.

Read more about how Stewart became the undisputed queen of the third trap selfie, starting with the poolside photo that started it all.

July 2020: Martha Stewart’s Original Poolside Thirst Trap

Stewart first made headlines in July 2020 when she shared a photo of herself in a pool showing off her glittery eyeshadow and perfect lips.

“I didn’t know what a ‘thirst trap’ was, but now I do,” Stewart said in an interview with People magazine after the poolside photo went viral. “Right now I’m looking for the next thirst trap. I love doing promiscuous and provocative things like that, because it’s just fun.”

January 2022: First but not last salon selfie.

Next, I will post some great before and after haircut photos in January 2022. This sets the stage for even more spicy selfies and solo shots to come.

In the “after” photo, Stewart sports a chic, voluminous blonde bob created by stylist Frédéric Fekai.

“We had such a great time and got another great haircut from Frederic!” she wrote in the caption.

February 2022: Stewart shares the secret to the ‘perfect’ selfie

Over a year and a half later, Stewart even posted a thirst trap tutorial based on pool shots.

“Remember my iconic thirst trap?” Stewart wrote on Instagram alongside the TikTok video. “We finally reveal how to create the perfect selfie.”

In the video, Stewart says the pool photos were “some of[her]best work” and encourages viewers to “show the great things” and “cover up where you need to.”

“It’s important to be effortless!” she concludes in the video. “Now, let’s add some gloss.” Then say the magic phrase: “Clé de Peau.”

August 2022: Birthday selfie

Stewart shared another selfie to celebrate her birthday in August 2022, showing herself looking up at the camera with rosy cheeks and pouty lips.

September 2022: Selfie Au Natural

Stewart took a slightly different approach in September 2022, posting an Instagram video ad for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters where she stands in her kitchen wearing only an apron and talks about coffee.

On “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Stewart explained how she prepared this thirst trap. He said, “I practiced the day before to make sure I looked okay, and I looked okay!”

December 2022: “Art Basel Atmosphere” Selfie

Turning to the back selfie, Stewart shared a stunning shot of herself on Instagram in December 2022, featuring wavy blonde hair and gold statement earrings.

“Miami Beach/Art Basel vibes. Bare shoulders, amazing hair by Simona, and makeup by the incomparable @daisybeautytoye,” she captioned the photo.

January 2023: “Unfiltered” salon selfies

In January, Stewart posted a close-up photo on Instagram showing some skin from a trip to a hair salon, as well as a selfie.

She later also shared a slideshow with three more photos, apparently in response to comments on the original post claiming she had plastic surgery.

“No filter. No facelift. Great skin for life,” she wrote in the caption.

May 2023: Stewart says he hopes the Sports Illustrated cover will be “compelling”

But perhaps Stewart’s most well-known thirst trap is her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover shot in May of this year. Although she modeled alongside Kim Petras, Megan Fox, and Brooks Nader, she made history as the oldest cover model in SI Swimsuit history.

“What I want to exude is ‘glamour,'” Stewart said of the photo shoot in an interview with in May.

She even said that she became more of a love interest after the release of this issue.

“We’ve had some inquiries. We’re just a couple,” Stewart told Entertainment Tonight at the launch party in May.

She said in an interview with “I hope this will be an inspiration not only to women in general, but also to men, because everyone should really be successful and live a prosperous life.”

September 2023

On September 3, Stewart posted a selfie of herself relaxing at Hotel Castello di Reschio in Tuscany, Italy.

In the caption, she wrote, “#castellodireschio is a 13th century castle remade by a very creative couple into an exclusive resort of exceptional quality. A heated pool inside a stone tower is perfect for taking new selfies It was the perfect place! It was dark. There were candles.” Mysterious. Relaxing before a massage and cleansing for @brunellocucinelli_brand founder’s 70th birthday at Solomeo. ”

In the photo, Stewart could be seen getting ready to purse her lips.

December 2023

Stewart ended the year with yet another sultry selfie. This time, the photo was taken from the bathroom wearing a nightgown with lace trimmings.

“After an 8-hour plane trip from Westchester to Palm Beach, we went to bed early and wore my beautiful @sabbiarosa nightgown (linen with robe),” she captioned the post on Instagram. Ta. “It wasn’t that bad when I woke up, but at least it wasn’t as bad as when I went to sleep. I’m sure it’s because of my $$$$$ outfit!!”

In October, Stewart said in an interview with Page Six Style that she has been wearing the same outfit since she was 17 years old.

“I don’t think about age. I think people are better than ever as they’re seniors, and I applaud them all,” she said.

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