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Singapore hits 3 billion GT with the launch of ONE Olympus

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The Port of Singapore recorded a record 3 billion gross tonnage (GT) in annual ship arrivals. The 3 billion GT mark was surpassed with the arrival of the Singapore-flagged container ship ONE Olympus with 98,799 GT.

MPA Singapore

As announced, the ship arrived at Pasir Panjang Terminal on December 25th. Annual tonnage is the sum of the internal volumes of all ships arriving at a port in a year. It is commonly used in industry to measure vessel traffic calling at a port.

In 2004, the Port of Singapore reached 1 billion GT and in 2011, 2 billion GT.

This year’s achievements were evidenced by the event held at PSA Horizons.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Minister said: Chee Hong Tat He said the most important success factor for the Port of Singapore that has enabled it to achieve this milestone is the strong tripartite collaboration that exists between trade unions, industry and government.

Although other companies may seek to duplicate our hardware, infrastructure, technology, and operating systems, “Many feel that our trusted tripartite ecosystem is difficult to replicate in Singapore. That’s one of the elements.”.

“We are humbled that Singapore continues to be chosen as a port of call. We will continue to work with all three parties to improve the efficiency and safety of the port. The just-in-time (JIT) planning and coordination platform launched for ships calling at PSA Terminal and Jurong Port is one such initiative. The JIT platform improves ship turnaround and optimizes port calls. , thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships. It will be gradually extended to all ships calling at Singapore from January 2024.” MPA Chief Executive Theo N D Said.

“As ONE, we are extremely proud that one of our vessels has made such a contribution in helping Singapore achieve this truly historic and significant 3 billion gross tonne milestone. ONE’s enduring relationship with Singapore continues as we recognize Singapore’s outstanding qualities as a global maritime centre, strategic logistics hub and home to our global corporate headquarters. On behalf of ONE and all maritime companies based and operating in Singapore, I would like to congratulate the Port of Singapore on this great achievement and wish it continued success in the coming decades.” I got it. Jeremy NixonONE Global CEO.

“Achieving the 3 billion GT mark is a significant achievement. Since 1964, our customers’ trust and the efforts of generations of PSA staff have driven Singapore’s economic growth and enabled global trade. PSA remains committed to positioning Singapore as a leading hub port and trusted node in the global supply chain by providing exceptional service and sustainable connectivity. Together with our staff, unions, partners and customers, we will continue to innovate and co-create a vibrant and resilient maritime Singapore that embraces digitalisation, sustainability and talent development.” on kimponsaid Group CEO (designate) of PSA International.

The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tianjin Municipal Transport Commission of the People’s Republic of China to establish the Singapore-Tianjin Green Digital Shipping Corridor.

Additionally, the Port Authority announced a partnership strategy with the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and the Port of Long Beach (POLB) for a trans-Pacific Green Digital Shipping Corridor (GDSC).

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