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Singapore Prime Minister Lee warns after leak of deepfake video ‘promoting’ cryptocurrency investment

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Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has called on the public not to react to deepfake videos promising guaranteed investment returns after they were published on social media platforms in recent days.
He said this in a post on his Facebook page on Friday morning. Lee He said he was aware of multiple videos circulating of him “purporting to promote crypto fraud”, adding that Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong had also been targeted.

“Scammers are using AI (artificial intelligence) technology to imitate our voices and images,” Lee said.

“They transform real footage of us taken from official events into highly convincing but completely fake videos that purport to say things we never said. .”

One such doctored video shows Mr. Li in an interview with a presenter from Chinese news network CGTN, in a segment titled “Leader Talk.”

The video has been altered to make it appear that he is talking about the government-backed “transformational investment platform envisioned by Elon Musk.”

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“If you see or receive a scam video promising a guaranteed return on investment or a ‘gift’, please do not respond,” Lee wrote.

He also advised Singaporeans to report scams and fake news through the government’s official ScamShield bot on WhatsApp.

Lee has posted on his social media several times in the past about the dangers of AI.

In a September 2019 Facebook post, he said that as AI becomes more sophisticated, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe what we see and hear.


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In another post from July, he said scammers tend to take advantage of his high profile in the media to use his image to run cryptocurrency scams and false advertising.

“The use of deepfake technology to spread disinformation will continue to increase,” Lee said on Friday.

“We must remain vigilant and learn how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from scams like this.”

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