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Singapore’s ‘Club Condominiums’: Home-Based Crab Farming Revolution

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Urban farmers in Singapore pioneer at-home crab farming in ‘club condominiums’

Singaporean urban farmer Shannon Lim is leading a revolution in home crab farming with her innovative ‘Club Condominium’ concept. This unique idea involves turning plastic storage drawers into a multi-level habitat perfect for raising crabs. Each apartment is equipped with a water pump, filter and UV sterilizer, making it suitable for compact spaces such as kitchen corners.

OnHand Agrarian: A pioneer in homegrown crab farming

Through his business OnHand Agrarian, Mr Lim offers a comprehensive 10-hour course for S$680 (US$510). This course includes all the necessary equipment, tools, and even transportation to your home. One of his students, Li Lei Shen, was able to grow a crab by 50 percent in just two months while feeding it once every two to three days.

Aiming to improve food security in Singapore

Lim’s efforts go beyond just providing fresh seafood. This is aimed at reducing Singapore’s dependence on imports, particularly from neighboring Malaysia, thereby promoting food security and self-sufficiency. Since 2016, he has built numerous crab condos and educated about 50 students about this sustainable practice.

Spread beyond crabs

Although crabs are the main focus due to their popularity as a local delicacy, Limu’s system can accommodate other species as well. Shrimp and cave-dwelling fish can be successfully farmed within these improved habitats. This diversification adds further appeal to his innovative farming model.

Dreaming of a crab hatchery in Singapore

Mr Lim’s vision extends beyond personal farming. He dreams of a future where Singapore has its own crab hatchery to supply baby crabs for farming. This will be an important step since breeding and breeding is not possible inside condos. In the meantime, Lim continues his work, raising a variety of fish and ducks, growing herbs on his home farm, and helping others establish similar systems. He also offers seafood and vegetables by subscription and also farms crabs for interested customers.

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