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Six Italians in Search of Europe – OpEd – Eurasia Review

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Today in memory of Jacques Delors, Italy’s debate on the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), yes or no, shows that Italian politicians are almost completely devoid of international inspiration. There is.

To pay tribute to the greatest European Commission president in history – closely followed by Mr Prodi – when Mr Mitterrand approached Jacques Delors to become Prime Minister, he asked if he remained Minister of Finance. I have to remember that I would have responded if I had been able to. There is a principle here that opponents of the ESM pretend to ignore. That is, Europe needs sound finances. This is the only weapon you have to avoid being crushed by hostile military blocks.

And the proof is in the lack of political credibility of the current unimpressive president Ursula von der Leyen, who was lucky enough to be elected after the pseudo-nonexistent Jean-Claude Juncker from Luxembourg. (note that Luxembourg is the only country with three presidents) has managed to submerge Europe into a completely gray foreign policy, without the slightest inspiration from Europe.

It would be unfair not to take into account the fact that the most important strong link in foreign policy must be with the United States, which is natural and fundamental, but a complete flattening of anti-Russian policy is incorrect. Will. European inspiration is a factor that the current president does not understand and is guilty of. Russia is part of Europe not only for geographical reasons, but also for very solid cultural reasons.

Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Nureyev, the Bolshoi and a very long artistic list of cultural connections show that Russia is and always will be an integral part of Europe. Russia must be treated on this basis. Based on this, Mitterrand’s de Gaulle treated the disease. Or based on the relationship between Reagan and Gorbachev. But on what basis can Europe exist? Delors, a socialist, clearly teaches based on fiscal balance.

However, Delors’ death unfortunately shows that Italian politicians are completely indifferent to international issues. This is evidenced by his two facts:

The first is that 2024 is the year when half of the world’s population will vote. Taiwan will open on January 13th and the US will close on November 5th. In the meantime, Mexico, Bangladesh, 12 African countries, Russia, India and, of course, Europe will also go to the polls. The world could change dramatically, but no Italian politician is talking about it. what are we talking about? ESM – Yes, ESM – No.

The second fact is how politicians who have challenged each other on the ESM have managed to completely confuse the public about its meaning. If you conducted a survey to find out what Italians think about her ESM, 99.99% would say he doesn’t know what ESM is, but everyone agrees with a yes or no. You can see. But on what basis do they do that?

They do so on the basis of a prejudgment based on a certain and common fallacy: for Italian politicians, Europe serves us and we do not serve Europe. That’s a stupid approach, Italy without Europe is a small ship in the middle of the ocean. And here the reference to Delors, the politician who renounced being Mitterrand’s successor to devote himself to Europe, bothers us.

And at the same time, we must remind today’s politicians of the names of the six great men who built Europe.

I would add to them Alcide de Gasperi, Altiero Spinelli, Jean Monnet, Robert Schumann, Konrad Adenauer, Paul-Henri Spaak, and Mitterrand’s role in the unification of Germany.

So what about Italy today?

If Nobel Prize in Literature winner Luigi Pirandello could rewrite his masterpiece on restlessness – Six Characters in Search of an Author (anticipating Desassosiego’s Pessoa’s Manual on All Restlessness) ), the discussion on the ESM would give him enough material for his writing. . It is based on anxiety due to ESM bias. Here are six characters who are looking for a writer who lives by European prejudices.

Conte, the father of all prejudice, voted for EMS as prime minister and then voted against it as a member of parliament.

Meloni, the current Prime Minister and the mother of all prejudices, wants to be pro-European but has succumbed to anti-European nostalgia. She feared Salvini would steal the show and voted against EMS.

Giorgetti, the play’s son-in-law and Minister of Finance, wants to vote for the ESM, but cannot bring himself to anger his boss Salvini.

Like all parrot killers, Salvini, the son of anti-Europeans, would not exist without a father to kill.

A young heir to the theater, Tajani is Berlusconi’s successor.He wants to lead a pro-European policy but misses Silvio

Shrine, the girl who is supposed to be the left leader in the play. Could she play the role?

Mes amis, vote for EMS, stop playing with fire. Europe is awaiting elections in 2024.

While we wait for a politician of Delors bloodline, let’s celebrate Sofia Corradi. A name unknown to most people. She is a rare woman who I didn’t know about until I learned about her from a professor at Thor Vergata. She is the outstanding founder of the Erasmus programme, the world’s most spectacular student exchange programme. The name comes from Erasmus of Rotterdam, one of the greatest multicultural minds of all time. Sofia Corradi is called the mother of Erasmus. Although Delors funded the Erasmus program with a pro-European vision, it was Sophia who created it. Her mother has three million children from European countries. Italian politician. Copy a good example. It’s never too late.

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