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Spain: new rules for dogs traveling by car « Euro Weekly News

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Is your furry friend ready to travel? Recent changes to the Animal Welfare Act have revolutionized pet car travel, leading to steep fines of up to €10,000 for non-compliance will be punished.

The Animal Welfare Act, which came into force a few months ago, has made significant changes to the care of pets, especially dogs when traveling by car.

The Directorate General for Transport (DGT), headed by Pere Navarro, stressed that “if animals are not transported properly in vehicles, there is a serious risk of injury to all occupants.” However, the DGT does not provide detailed guidelines, leaving it to the law itself to provide clarity.

Safety and comfort for canine companions

Article 18.1 of the Animal Welfare Act requires drivers to ensure that pets are placed comfortably and safely in the vehicle. This is very important to avoid interference with the driver.

Dogs need plenty of space and advice to take care of their physiological needs such as water, food, and regular rest. During the summer, proper air conditioning and ventilation are essential for their health.

Rest, feed, and record

The law also requires dogs to be given adequate rest periods, in addition to water and food intake, so that their health is not compromised.

Carrying your dog’s documentation is also an important requirement. According to the DGT, “Dogs are usually carried in a rear carrier and either secured to a seat or fitted with a device that secures them to a seat belt. This must be a harness and not a collar.”

This two-hook harness prevents the dog from moving forward and prevents too much pressure from being placed on the driver. We recommend a short connection system to prevent your pet from bumping into the front seat.

This legal reform aims to strengthen road safety and animal welfare and ensure that pets are treated with the utmost care while traveling. This is a step forward in recognizing the needs of our canine companions and integrating them more safely and comfortably into our journeys.

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