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Spain promises to phase out nuclear power by 2035

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Spain IIt aims to close its nuclear power plants by 2035, joining a small number of developed countries that have pledged to phase out nuclear power, as other countries look to invest more in energy sources.

The government confirmed the plan and Reuters Reported as introducing energy measures related to renewable energy. The plant’s closure will begin in 2027, with demolition costs estimated at 20.2 billion euros (about $22.4 billion), which will be borne by the plant operator, government officials said. .

House prepares for reorganization in early 2024 with numerous special elections

Spain’s nuclear power plant consists of seven operating reactors and generates about one-fifth of its electricity.

Spain has joined other countries, including Germany and Switzerland, in pledging to phase out nuclear power. Earlier this year, Germany closed its last three power plants after pledging to phase out nuclear energy more than a decade ago.

Switzerland voted to withdraw from nuclear power in 2017, but did not set a specific deadline for shutting down its remaining nuclear power plants.Earlier this year, the country Plan to maintain nuclear power plants It has been used for longer than expected to help supply electricity amid concerns about shortages.

Spain joins many European countries in announcing its own nuclear phase-out pledge, while some countries, such as Switzerland, are slowing down on electricity generation in anticipation of rising electricity demand and the current limited capacity from renewable sources. The company has chosen to keep the facility open for a long period of time.France, Belgium and Finland too trying to extend Meanwhile, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia have plans to build new plants.

Other countries that have pledged to phase out nuclear power include Denmark, Japan, Scotland and Sweden, although some have reversed course in recent years.

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At the same time, several countries are considering further investment in promoting nuclear power, citing the energy source as a way to reduce emissions. The United States has invested billions of dollars in preserving the nation’s existing nuclear reactors, as well as developing more efficient and safer designs for nuclear reactors known as small modular reactors.

During this year’s World Climate Conference, the U.S. Participating in over 20 countries A multilateral pledge to triple global nuclear energy production by 2050 includes countries such as Japan and Sweden, which have pledged to move away from nuclear power.

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