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Spain scores $2.2 billion in armored vehicle deal

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Spain has signed a contract with TESS Defense to update the country’s TOA M-113 armored vehicle fleet.

Under a $2.2 billion contract, the company will design and manufacture VAC (Vehículo de Apoyo de Cadenas) tracked support vehicles for the Spanish Army.

The program will strengthen Spain’s defense industry and will involve more than 400 domestic suppliers and other production structures.

The VAC is used to carry out operational and logistics missions, equipping the Army’s vehicle fleet with modern protection, mobility, and firepower.

Combat vehicle collaboration

Unveiled for the first time this year, the VAC employs anti-tank protection, a 120 mm heavy aircraft carrier, a forward observer, and a troop carrier variant.

These vehicles will be equipped with 5G connectivity and advanced monitoring systems for optimal maintenance.

TESS Defense says its experience developing the military’s VCR8x8 Dragon combat vehicle has proven effective in preparing for future arms deals with the military.

In 2022, trials of the 348-unit Dragon fleet began after passing a critical design review. The armored vehicles are scheduled to be delivered by 2027.

“The experience gained by TESS Defense in the VCR8x8 program and the resources and capabilities of its partners will enable the agile transfer of mature technology solutions and the commissioning of VACs in a short period of time,” the company said.

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