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Spain’s most majestic tree crowned in Andalusia « Euro Weekly News

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Have you ever come across a breathtaking natural wonder? In the heart of Coripe, Seville stands a tree that has done just that, earning it the title of the most beautiful tree in Spain.

This remarkable tree, known as “El Chaparro de la Vega”, was recognized as a Natural Monument by the Autonomous Government of Andalusia on November 23, 2001.

With a height of 30 meters and a diameter of 13 meters, the tower’s size is not the only thing that impresses visitors. This tree has flourished for over 400 years, becoming an integral part of local communities as a symbol of durability and beauty.

A symbol of community and heritage

El Chaparro de la Vega is more than just a spectacular view. It is a hub for local festivals and environmental education. Many activities take place in the shadow of this tree, including the famous Fatima Pilgrimage in May.

The unique properties of this tree also make it useful for activities focused on environmental learning. The surrounding landscape, including rolling hills and limestone slopes, provides a picturesque backdrop for these gatherings.

Pioneering recognition of natural monuments

The “Tree and Forest of the Year” competition, launched by Bosques Sin Fronteras in 2007, was the first of its kind in Europe and the world. This initiative led to the creation of the European “Tree of the Year” award in 2011, organized by the Alianza Foundation (Nadace Partnerstvi).

The competition aims to celebrate not only the physical characteristics of trees and forests, but also their cultural and communal significance. Spain’s 2024 squad, El Chaparro de la Vega, perfectly embodies this spirit.

In the competition, “El Chaparro de la Vega” received 3,715 votes, beating out competitors such as Glorieta de Becquer cypress and Zobotánico Himalayan cedar from Jerez de la Frontera.

The tree’s “outstanding dimensions” and its role in the daily life of local residents were key highlights on the competition’s website. As stated on the website, the presence of this tree in the community is deeply rooted in local traditions and families.

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