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Stanley Tucci goes off the beaten path in Italy in search of gastronomic delicacies

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Stanley Tucci returned to Italy this month to film an all-new 10-episode National Geographic television series about food and travel in the land of his ancestors.

The title of the new series is Tucci: the heart of Italy.

Since Tucci’s previous cooking show was canceled, CNN looking for italy” won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Host Nonfiction Series, and fans are calling on the actor and writer to return to the old country to discover and highlight Italy’s regional culinary treasures. ing.

according to forbes: In this fresh, eye-opening iteration, which will also air on parent company Disney+, Tucci steps away from the crowds to chat and toast with professional chefs and home cooks, as well as behind-the-scenes surprises, Discover delicious food, compelling stories, farmers, fishermen, winemakers and more.

Expecting traditional Tucci charm, he embarks on a culinary adventure. Lazio, Marche, Sicily, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto.

“National Geographic is all about adventure and exploration, and we are honored to once again take viewers back to explore Italy through the lens of food,” Tucci said in a prepared statement. “There’s always something new to discover in Italy’s many distinctive regions, and we’re thrilled to partner with BBC Studios to start that process.”

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