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Taiwan’s mysterious extended-range missile poses limited threat to mainland China, military article reports

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The article said the missiles “can be easily detected, tracked and monitored by modern sensitive and accurate anti-aircraft radar systems.”

He also argued that: taiwan army Limited reconnaissance and midcourse missile guidance capabilities reduced Yusei’s accuracy and made it susceptible to interference.
The Chinese government considers Taiwan a province that must be reunited with mainland China and has never renounced the use of force to occupy the autonomous island. Although most countries do not consider Taiwan an independent state, USoppose any attempt at armed occupation by the Chinese government.
The mainland military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Main exercises In recent years, it has been on expeditions around Taiwan, regularly sending military aircraft and warships on missions near the island.

People’s Liberation Army’s Shandong aircraft carrier “navigates the Taiwan Strait” after Western Pacific exercises

The author of the article, writing under the name “Yi Qing,” also said that the Xiongsheng missiles were operated by the 791 Brigade, based in Taoyuan and New Taipei City. The Taiwan Air Force’s Air Defense and Missile Command previously posted a photo on Facebook of the brigade’s troops holding up an insignia featuring a cruise missile.

The photo has since been deleted.

The South China Morning Post has been unable to verify the article’s claims.

In August, the Taiwanese newspaper United Daily News published a video of a missile test allegedly involving Hsiung-Sheng. Taiwan’s military has not disclosed which missile was tested.

In a report to Taiwan’s legislature in 2022, Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said the missile could be equipped with two warheads. One is a high-explosive warhead that can target command centers and shelters, and the other is a dispersion warhead that can attack airfields.

little known to others missile Beyond Taiwanese media reports citing anonymous sources. The Taiwanese government did not publicly acknowledge the existence of the missile until the report was submitted.


Taiwan’s defense expo returns for the first time in four years, with US companies participating for the first time

Taiwan’s defense expo returns for the first time in four years, with US companies participating for the first time

Taipei had requested special defense funding from 2022 to 2026 to improve its air and sea combat capabilities. In its special budget, NT$16.9 billion (US$548 million) was allocated to the male breeding program.

Taiwan has built its military strategy around asymmetric warfare, in which the weaker side can fight and win against a more capable enemy (in Taiwan’s case, the People’s Liberation Army).

Taiwan’s 2023 National Defense Report said military retaliation is one way to weaken enemy attacks and frustrate attacks on Taiwan. He said missiles such as the Shunsheng were the “main weapon” in the retaliatory battle.

Taiwan’s military needs to objectively evaluate the People’s Liberation Army and “strengthen itself”

The Communist Party has never ruled Taiwan. In 1949, the Communist Party defeated the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) in the civil war and established the People’s Republic of China. The Kuomintang then fled to Taiwan.

The Kuomintang ruled Taiwan until democratic reforms in the 1990s resulted in a peaceful transfer of power between political parties, including the incumbent Democratic Progressive Party.

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