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The future queen’s historic promise that ruled the years of the Spanish royal family – Royal Central

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Spain’s future queen pledged allegiance to her country’s constitution in a historic ceremony that was the centerpiece of the royal year.

Princess Leonor will celebrate her 18th birthday on October 31, 2023, and if necessary, she will go to the Spanish Parliament to show her allegiance to the constitution, which was the basis of the new democracy established after the end of Francisco Franco’s dictatorship. swore.

The heir to the throne arrived in Cortes in a spectacular procession. She traveled in a vintage Rolls Royce accompanied by her 16-year-old sister, Infanta Sofia. It was a moment in the spotlight for the next generation of the royal family, who sometimes face challenges, and it paid off as crowds cheered the two young women on the street.

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Their parents, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, also attended outside the parliament building, but the cheers were more muted inside. Weeks before this historic event, King Felipe had come under fire for his decision to ask socialist leader Pedro Sánchez to form a government after an inconclusive general election. The coalition formed in response sparked protests in some areas, including anger against the king. But the presence of his successor, whose popularity had grown throughout the year, quieted the political issue, at least for a day.

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The wedding took place on October 31, 2023, her 18th birthday. From that moment on, she was able to rule alone without a regent, allowing her father, King Felipe VI, to act as regent if necessary. Princess Leonor took a solemn oath in the parliament of her country.

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The princess received a long standing ovation for her pledge, which was based on the same constitution that King Felipe used when he came of age.

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After the ceremony, Princess Leonor was presented with medals from Parliament and the Senate before greeting MPs.

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When Leonor stepped forward to take the oath, her parents beamed with pride. An emotional King Felipe reached out his hand to embrace his daughter as parliamentarians congratulated her. And after the ceremony, the King of Spain once again struggled to contain his emotions as he wrote a message for the history books.

The solemn ceremony was followed by a private family celebration as the future Queen of Spain turned 18. No images of the event were shared, but Asturian Princess Leonor’s coming of age moment was already written into the history books.

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