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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

What is the agenda of Belgium’s EU Council Presidency?

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What is the agenda of Belgium’s EU Council Presidency?

This is the 13th time the country has set the tone for the bloc’s policy vision for the next six months.

upon January 1, 2024 In a sense, the President of the Council of the European Union will be returning home. Brussels He will take over the baton as rotating president and spend the next six months making the EU’s capital stronger than ever before.

As you know, we Belgians have the European Union in our DNA. So many European institutions are based here in the capital. If there is one country that embodies the essence of the EU, it is Belgium.” Prime Minister Alexander Decroo boasted this at a press conference three weeks ago, when he laid out the goals the country would aim to achieve during his term in power.

Belgium was also the first country to hold the rotating presidency of what was originally known as the European turn is 13th The time has come for the country to shape the policy agenda of a bloc that has grown much larger since its first president in 1958.

Six priority areas considered key by the Belgian government

Belgian authorities revealed that Six focus areas I plan to work on this until June 30th.

Defending the rule of law, democracy and unity Unsurprisingly, it will continue to be a major policy objective. The president is citizen empowerment and inclusion; with special focus youth participation, We also work on the European education sector, quality of education, lifelong learning, mobility and sport.

Against the backdrop of rapid technological progress and innovation on the world stage, and the growing introduction of artificial intelligence into everyday life, the Belgian Presidency aims to: Strengthen the role of research, development and innovation We aim to be a frontrunner in the development and commercialization of customized solutions that increase the resilience and competitiveness of the EU’s key value chains.

After a landmark agreement at COP28 and an increasingly dry and arid year on the continent; climate change It weighs heavily on everyone’s hearts. That is why the Belgian Presidency green deal goals By working to support the Union’s circular economy, adaptive capacity and preparedness capacity, and sustainable water management.

As far as social aspects are concerned, the president will play that role. Promoting fair labor mobility and mental health Similarly at work Access to sustainable social protection. In addition, efforts will be made to develop strategies to strengthen the security of medicine supplies and increase access to the EU’s health and care workforce and affordable medicines.

Regarding border and migration issues, the Belgian Presidency will: strengthening the external dimension of migration and asylum; In particular, by working closely with African countries as part of a broader effort to continue to develop the mutually beneficial partnership between our two continents.

As the geopolitical situation intensifies and disintegrates, the Belgian Presidency Build resilience and autonomy and protect EU interests and values ​​on the global stage.

On July 1st, Hungarian He will take over the reins of the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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