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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

What’s in store for sports in Singapore in 2024?

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In this episode of Hard Tackle, Deepanraj Ganesan and his sports desk colleagues (Kimberly Kwek, Rohit Brijnath, David Lee and Melvin Teo) say goodbye to 2023, reflect on the victories so far, look to the future and discuss what’s next. Find out what’s waiting for you. Next year’s Singapore Sports.

Highlights (click/tap above):

4:30 Can 2023 be seen as a watershed year for sports in Singapore?

11:00 Maximilian Mader could win gold at the 2024 Olympics

13:30 Has Lo Keen Yew had an unforgettable year?

18:30 What can we expect from Shanti Pereira in 2024?

24:00 After an unforgettable year in 2023, what will happen to Singapore soccer in 2024?


Creator: Deepanraj Ganesan ( & Eden Soh

Editor: Eden Thor

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