Sunday, March 3, 2024

Worldcoin allows Singapore residents to affirm their “humanity”

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WorldCoin launched in Singapore after temporarily scaling back in India. According to the latest announcement, individuals in Singapore will be able to identify their “unique humanity” through an orb.

The move follows the release of World ID 2.0 in mid-December and the open sourcing of the Worldcoin iris recognition pipeline.

Worldcoin’s global expansion

Apart from World ID validation, Worldcoin also announced that Tools for Humanity (TFH), a contributor to the project, has joined two prominent startup and technology associations in Singapore, ACCESS and Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). revealed. The launch of these projects and association membership follows a recent tour across multiple cities in Asia conducted by members of the TFH product development team.

Worldcoin, co-developed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, is centered around identity verification, leveraging the Orb device to scan an individual’s iris to confirm their humanity. In this project, a participant is given her WLD token when she signs up for the protocol.

In addition to Singapore, the availability of Global ID verification has steadily increased in various countries over the past month. His website for Worldcoin indicated that he had access to verification locations in 11 countries.

In Spain, Seville and Bilbao recently joined a growing list of cities offering World ID verification, which includes cities from Malaga to Mallorca and Madrid. Additionally, the new launches in Cologne and Leipzig increase the number of Orb locations in Germany to four locations, including Berlin and Nuremberg, according to WorldCoin’s official blog post.

In South America, Chile expanded access to global ID verification in Concepción, Curico, Viña del Mar and Santiago. Meanwhile, Argentina set a new national record with more than 10,000 verifications per day.

Across the Pacific Ocean, the city of Fukuoka on Japan’s Kyushu Island has been added to the list of locations where World ID verifies your identity, along with a new option in Tokyo.

According to TFH, more than 5 million accounts have been created to date, making it the fifth most widely used hot wallet in the world in 2023, along with the wallet. Meanwhile, the number of monthly active users of World App has reached 1.7 million, and the total number of transactions made on the app has exceeded his 30 million.

Services reduced in India, Brazil and France

Despite a series of expansions and partnerships, WorldCoin quietly ceased operations in India and discontinued registered services in Brazil and France.

The project later clarified that the activities in Brazil and France were for limited preview purposes, with plans for a more full-scale rollout in 2024.

At the same time, Orb certification services in India have been temporarily suspended as we work to implement a customized, secure and organized registration process in response to high demand.

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