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🇫🇮 It’s party time in Finland: UMK 2024 preview

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February 10, 2024

🇫🇮 It’s party time in Finland: UMK 2024 preview

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🇫🇮 It’s party time in Finland: UMK 2024 preview

last year, Finland Thanks to their king Kaliya, victory came very close.This year they want it Wooden Mushkin Killpile (or UMK For ease of use) offers another candidate for Eurovision.

Michael and Io will run through seven entries to head to Malmö ahead of the show, which airs on Sunday 11th February at 6am (AEDT) (or Saturday at 8pm CET). Not only can you listen to all 7 songs, but Eel’s websitethanks to Benjamin, you can also enjoy the joys of large-scale interval acts and hard-hitting openers.

Where do Michael and Io want to place their case?

What happened to the red flag?

Who should get a gig on Drag Race Finland?

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Karliya & Erika Vikman – Ruoska [Whip]

Sini Sabotage – Quali Mua [Peel me]

Cyan Kicks – Dancing with Demons

Jesse Mirkin – Glow

Benjamin 🏳️‍🌈 – Gay

Michael Gabriel & nublu – Vox Populi

Sara Cipolla – Pascana [Mf’ing wreck]

Sex Mane – Mania

Windows95man – No rules!

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