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2024 WJC Blog: Nyman gets assist, Finland survives

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After impressing in two seasons as a teenager in the Czech Republic’s strong top professional league, Sale played for the Barrie Colts of the Ontario Hockey League this year, scoring 21 points (7 goals, 14 assists) in 25 games. are recorded.

Dec. 26: Sale, Nyman and Forsfjall get assists.

The 2024 World Junior Tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden, began its first day with the host team defeating Latvia in the nightcap game. The Swedes won 6-0 with balanced scoring, including an assist for the fourth goal from Kraken prospect Zeb Round, 2023). At 5-foot-8 and 154 pounds, Forsfjall is one of the smaller players in the elite tournament, which features players under the age of 20.

Forsfjall was one of three Kraken prospects to score points in Tuesday’s opener, but it was a win for the team. Edouard Sale, first-round pick of the Kraken (20th (Overall) Assisted in the goal in the final minute of the Czech Republic’s 6-2 loss to Slovakia. Jani Nyman (pronounced “nu-men”) had an assist in the 5-2 loss to defending champion Team Canada.

Kraken goalkeeper candidate Niklas Kokko was in goal for the Finnish national team, making 26 stops and allowing three goals in a close 3-1 game before Kokko dropped to the bench for an extra attacker and made two for the winners. resulting in two empty-net goals. Kokko made some big saves, breaking through the Finnish team’s defensemen and scoring two goals in the opposition’s crease to keep his country within range of the defending champions. Canada’s third goal was scored by Maclin Celebrina, the near-unanimous No. 1 pick in this summer’s 2024 NHL Draft, but the rebound after Cocco’s great goal sent the puck across the goal line. It was necessary to closely examine the scores to determine whether the – Close and save your first scoring attempt.

On this day, Canada, Sweden, the United States, and Slovakia participated in the opening match, with the United States defeating Norway 4-1. Gavin Brinkley, Selected 34th He was taken No. 1 overall by Columbus in last summer’s NHL Draft and this season was the NCAA’s leading scorer per game for Michigan, leading the way with two goals.

December 24th: World Junior Tournament begins early in the new year

The 2024 International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Hockey Championship will host an elite tournament of top-under players as the NHL takes a three-day hiatus from games, player trades and overall news, giving hockey fans a quick start to the new year. can do. There are 20 players in the world. Kraken fans will be joined by Carson Lehkopf, a 2023 second-round draft pick and Team Canada forward who leads Ontario Hockey in his league in goals (31) and points (55), and Team Canada forward Carson Lehkopf, who leads Ontario Hockey in his league in goals (31) and points (55). He can follow his first-round pick in 2023, Eduardo Sale. Forward Jani Nijman is thought to be a force for Finland, along with fellow Kraken goalie candidate Niklas Kokko (both Finns are second-round picks in 2022). Zeb Forsfjall (2023 6th round, forward, Team Sweden) and Ty Nelson (2023 3rd round, defenseman, Team Canada) will be the players fans will follow during the next two weeks of elite play. There are two more Kraken prospects who can.

All games will be broadcast on NHL Network, and you can follow the Seattle outlook and the tournament’s developments on the WJC Live Blog. Fans will have to wake up early (or stay up late to watch the game on the West Coast). Early games begin at 3 a.m. Pacific time, with the next group on the ice beginning at 5:30 a.m. Make sure your recording method is appropriate.

December 24: Kraken 2022 2nd rounder Nyman, Kokko will face 2023 2nd rounder Carson Rehkopf.

Finland opens World Juniors play against Canada (Tuesday, 5:30 a.m., NHL Network). That means 2022 second-rounders Jani Nyman and Niklas Kokko will face 2023 second-rounder Carson Rehkopf. Just this week, two-time defending champion Canada added Kraken defenseman prospect Ty Nelson to its roster due to injury. Cocco will start in front of goal against Canada on Tuesday. Eduardo Sale, selected by the Kraken in the first round of this summer’s draft, will become the first Seattle prospect to play in the world junior tournament when Sale and his Czech national team take on Slovakia (3 a.m.)

December 24: Full schedule for the 2024 World Junior Championships

(All games broadcast on NHL Network, Pacific Time)

The 2024 version of this fascinating tournament will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from Tuesday until January 5th. Ten teams will compete in the World Juniors. The United States will be in Group B, along with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Norway, for the qualifying round to be played at the Frolundaborg Arena in Gothenburg. Group A is made up of Canada, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Latvia and will be held at the Scandinavium Arena in Gothenburg. Russia remains banned from international matches due to its invasion of Ukraine.

The top four teams from each group will advance to the quarterfinals on January 2nd. The semi-final and relegation match will take place on January 4th, and the championship match and third place match will take place on January 5th at the Scandinavian Am. The full text is as follows: schedule:

Tuesday, December 26th

Slovakia vs. Czech Republic, Frolundaborg, 3 a.m. (NHL Network or NHLN)

Finland vs. Canada, Scandinavia, 5:30 a.m. (NHLN)

USA vs. Norway, Frolundaborg, 8 a.m. (NHLN)

Sweden vs. Latvia, Scandinavia, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Wednesday, December 27th

Slovakia vs. Switzerland, Florendabeau, 3:00 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Finland vs. Germany, Scandinavia, 5:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Norway vs. Czech Republic, Frolundaborg, 8 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Latvia vs. Canada, Scandinavia, 1:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Thursday, December 28th

Switzerland vs. USA, Florendabeau, 8 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Germany vs. Sweden, Scandinavia, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Friday, December 29th

Norway vs. Slovakia, Frolundaborg, 3 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Latvia vs. Finland, Scandinavia, 5:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Czech Republic vs. USA, Florandaborg, 8 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Canada vs. Sweden, Scandinavia, 10:30 p.m. ET (NHLN)

Saturday, December 30th

Switzerland vs. Norway, Frolundaborg, 8 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Germany vs. Latvia, Scandinavia, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Sunday, December 31st

USA vs. Slovakia, Frolundabor, 3 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Sweden vs. Finland, Scandinavia, 5:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Czech Republic vs. Switzerland, Florendabeau, 8 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Canada vs. Germany, Scandinavia, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Tuesday, January 2nd

Quarterfinal 1, Florentabeau, 3 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Quarterfinal 2, Scandinavium, 5:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Quarterfinal 3, Florentabeau, 8 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Quarterfinal 4, Scandinavium, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Thursday, January 4th (Scandinavium)

Relegation game, 2 a.m. (NHLN)

Semi-Final 1, 6 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Semifinal 2, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Friday, January 5th (Scandinavium)

Third place game, 6 a.m. ET (NHLN)

Championship Game, 10:30 a.m. ET (NHLN)

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