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9 jobs most likely to get a work permit in Italy in 2024

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If you’ve been dreaming of moving to sunny Italy, now might be the perfect time. The Mediterranean country offers a wealth of digital nomad schemes, as well as residency rights and real estate deals.

As the best way to secure a work permit, consider looking for employment in one of the sectors experiencing a labor crisis in Italy. If you’re worried about Italy’s notoriously complex bureaucracy, you’ll be glad to hear that the government is taking pains to simplify the work visa application process.

Jobs most likely to get a work permit in Italy

According to the European Labor Agency (EURES), several industries in Italy are experiencing severe labor shortages. From 2023 to 2027, sectors such as healthcare, technology, and hospitality will offer the highest employment opportunities. The government also announces official work permit quotas for foreign workers every year. There will be 151,000 jobs available in 2024.

If you want to move to Italy, here are the nine occupations that are most likely to get you a work permit.

  • doctor
  • nurse
  • physical therapist
  • health and social services professionals
  • restaurant employee
  • Mathematics and Computer Science Expert
  • ICT engineer
  • engineer
  • skilled construction workers

How do I apply for an Italian work permit?

Non-EU nationals looking to move to Italy must first apply for a work visa. This typically requires securing a position with an Italian employer and the employer submitting authorization documentation on behalf of the employee.

Once approved, employees can apply for a work visa at the nearest Italian consulate or embassy in their home country.Remember, this only allows entry To Italy. When relocating, individuals must convert their work visa to a residence permit. Permesso di Soggiorno, grants permission to legally live and work in the country. This must be done within 8 days of entering Italy.

The application process is set to be simplified in 2024 as the Italian government vows to cut red tape and bureaucracy. The system should become more efficient as authorities introduce faster processing times and minimal waiting times. Once you arrive in Italy, you can expect assistance programs to help you find housing, schools, and other necessary services.

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