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Singaporean killed in New York park cliff fall remembered as ‘the kindest and gentlest’ animal and child lover

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SINGAPORE, Dec. 26 — Singaporean Nur Aisha, 39, who fell 30 meters to her death from a cliff in the United States, was a woman who gave a lot of love to dozens of stray cats she adopted and many godmothers. is remembered as. .

Aisha’s widow, Abdul Rauf Mohd Saeed, 41, said today: “Honestly, I lost count of the number of cats she adopted. Sometimes she hides them from me and she doesn’t notice the new cat until three months later.”



At last count, there were about 40 cats and 2 dogs.

Last Friday (December 22), the couple were at Minnewaska State Park Preserve in New York, US, when Aisha lost her footing on icy ground and fell 30 meters from a cliff.

“She fell about 100 feet and did not survive,” Abdul Rauf wrote in a Facebook post on Dec. 23.

The couple co-founded Noble Sky International, a real estate investment company focused on the U.S. market.

“My heart is in pieces and I don’t know how to put it back together. I’ve been crying for the last 12 hours and I’m really distraught with myself right now. You’re my wife, my best friend and my soul. Mate,” he wrote.

“Loved unconditionally”

In a text message interview with TODAY today, Abdul-Rauf said being in nature is something they both enjoy.

He clarified that he did not intend to hike in the park last Friday, as some media reports have suggested, but said it was a “walk to find a place to discuss future plans and goals.” Ta.

He described Aisha as “the kindest, gentlest, most loyal wife” he could ever wish for, adding that her “unconditional” love goes beyond animals to caring for those around her. He added that it had reached.

Although the couple have no children of their own, Abdul-Rauf has two children from his first marriage, whom Aisha says he “loved as if they were his own.”

“(Aisha) loves everyone around her unconditionally. She treats all animals with so much love and care,” he said, adding that she also has a great love for children. he added.

“We have too many godparents to count and they will all be devastated by this news.”

They also said they treat the children of their nieces, nephews and good friends “just like their own children.”

Abdul Rauf spoke to Today on the flight back to Singapore, accompanying Aisha’s body.

He also spoke about a Facebook post he made public on Monday night about public “allegations” that foul play was involved in Aisha’s death.

“I understand that there will always be trolls behind the screen questioning everything, and most of the time there will be fake accounts. It’s part of this social media age,” he said. Ta.

“They were trying to find every hole they could think of. Even after you gave them some explanation of the problem, they would dig deeper and find more holes to spin conspiracy theories.”

Last night, Abdul-Rauf issued a “clarification” on Facebook, writing: “We take this opportunity to give our loved ones, friends, keyboard warriors, and the general public the information they need to put their minds at ease.” ” he said.

“I hope this allays your ‘doubts,'” he wrote in the post, referring to questions such as what the couple were doing in the park at the time.

He also asked why he wasn’t with his wife after she collapsed, and why he made public his Facebook posts containing photos and videos of his wife (which some criticized as “suspicious and insensitive”). I also responded.

In the post, he wrote that he had turned over the contents of his phone, including photos and videos, to New York State Police.

“Because there were traumatic injuries to the body, the police first need to treat it as if a crime may have occurred. Therefore, when I was ‘interrogated’, the series of questions asked me to clarify whether it was a crime or not. “Have you committed?”

“They brought in a special computer to extract the photos and videos on my phone and ensured that the integrity of the data was not compromised in any way,” he wrote.

“I showed the police photos and videos of what happened in the moments before she fell and the moment she saw her slip and rushed forward. These videos and photos have already been examined by detectives. It was clear that no crime had been committed, or “murder.”

“After seeing all the footage, it didn’t take long for police to rule the death an accident.”

Abdul Rauf said the ground was frozen because the temperature in the park was zero. After Aisha fell, she moved forward but she slipped and fell on her butt.

He added that he was unable to descend to where Aisha landed because his shoes were not suitable for the icy conditions.

When asked how he felt about having to make these accusations publicly while he was grieving, he said: The flight attendants (of Singapore Airlines) provided me with great care and service.

“I had to do it mostly on my own until my wife’s best friend joined me in New York.[Now]I rested on the plane and emailed my sisters, who have been such an amazing support. It’s just what you need. ”

Hope to “find a way to recover and live again”

Regarding his and his family’s plans for the future, Abdul-Rauf said, “(Aisha’s) presence is a big part of our lives, but even without her (Aisha’s) presence,” he said, “we will recover and get back together.” I’ll find a way to live.”

“We didn’t expect the media to want to cover this story and wanted it to remain private. However, friends posted on social media that she had passed away. “When we started, things got a little out of control, especially with the viral situation, after the story was on the national news,” he said.

“At that moment, I realized that this was inevitable and decided to use the media to spread the word that she is a very beautiful person, especially on the inside.”

In another Facebook post, Abdul Rauf said Aisha’s body would arrive in Singapore tomorrow morning.

Those wishing to pay their last respects are invited to visit 157Z Jalan Loyang Besar tomorrow from 10:30am.

Abdul-Rauf said: “What she has touched so far is not so much for her loved ones, but because of the publicity, people she has never met have asked her to pay their respects. “We will not say no to anyone if they attend.” – today

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