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Belgium’s EU Presidency: Steering towards green prosperity

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Belgium leads Europe towards a green and prosperous future

In a move that underscores its enduring commitment to environmental stewardship and economic prosperity, Belgium has made climate change and economic growth the top priorities of its European presidency. This decision reflects the wider European Union’s aspirations to shape a future that is inherently environmentally friendly and prosperous as a result.

CLIMAQ-H: A tool for balancing health, economy and climate

The World Health Organization (WHO) Europe has launched an updated version of CLIMAQ-H, a state-of-the-art software tool designed to help countries in the WHO European Region maximize the benefits of jointly combating climate change and air pollution. Introduced. This tool calculates the health and associated economic benefits that countries can achieve by meeting carbon reduction targets set by their governments.

Benefits of Paris Agreement targets

This tool highlights the urgency for transformative, ambitious, large-scale action to limit global warming and minimize damage to society’s well-being and health. The economic value of improved health from emissions scenarios consistent with Paris Agreement commitments will outweigh the economic costs of climate change mitigation efforts.

WHO European Region Impact

If all countries in the WHO European Region implemented the actions and measures specified in their 2017 Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), approximately 138,000 premature deaths could be prevented annually from 2030 onwards. there is. This would lead to significant financial savings. At the 7th Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in 2023, we reiterated our determination to tackle pollution and climate change, including setting health-centered targets in NDCs.

Belgium’s leadership role is likely to include advocating for policies and initiatives that balance ecological sustainability with the need for continued economic development. This move is in line with the European Union’s broader ambitions to achieve a greener and more prosperous future.

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