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Monday, July 22, 2024

Singapore jails man in retaliation for leaking nude photos of teenage ex-girlfriend

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The names of the man and girl cannot be published due to a court order to protect their identities.

The court heard that the man was 29 years old at the time of the crime and was the girl’s ex-boyfriend.

In 2022, the then 14-year-old teenager met the man through an online gaming mobile application called Weplay.

He sent her a friend request, which she accepted, and began inviting her to chat and play games together online.

A few days later, he asked her for her personal cell phone number and Instagram username, and they began dating.

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During the relationship, which lasted about a month, the two chatted regularly and the man also told the girl that she was under 16 at the time.

During that time, the two met in person and had intentionally sexual conversations online, during which he asked her to send nude photos of herself.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Thaddeus Tan said the man would reassure her by promising that only he could view the photos and that he would delete them after viewing them.

The girl agreed and sent him five nude photos of herself without revealing her face.

Even though she was not interested, he insisted that she see his private parts as well and sent her nude photos of himself.

But after she sent nude photos of herself, the teenager became stressed and decided to ignore the man’s messages.

She then blocked his number and their relationship ended.

Strangers then contacted the man via Weplay and teased him about his private parts. No other details were released as to why the stranger did this to him.

Mr Tan, from the Democratic Progressive Party, said that because the man had sent the girl photos of his private parts, he believed it was the boy who had forwarded the photos to someone else, even though there was no proof.

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Feeling anger and hatred, the man decided to distribute the girl’s nude photos online as revenge.

They also shared her personal information and mug shot so that she could be easily identified.

An unknown online user who saw the leaked photo then contacted the man and asked who the boy was to him.

The man then told her that the girl was his ex-girlfriend and that he had her contact information.

Mr Tan, of the Democratic Progressive Party, told the court that the girl’s nude photos were leaked along with two videos of unknown women engaging in sex acts to create the impression that the girl was involved.

A few days after the photo was leaked, the girl received a message from a stranger on Instagram.

This stranger informed her that her nude photos and personal information had been leaked online.

Concerned, she decided to delete her Instagram profile and report it to the police.

Police investigations revealed that apart from distributing content online, the man also distributed nude photos in two chat groups that were primarily used to distribute pornographic material.

Since then, no effort has been made to remove the girl’s photos.

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After the incident, the girl began to have a negative outlook on life, fearing that people would identify her from the leaked photos.

She has also started avoiding crowds and wearing a mask when going out to hide her true identity.

Mr Tan of the Democratic Progressive Party called for a sentence of 30 to 38 months and five weeks with at least two lashes of the cane, sending a strong message of deterrence against the sexual exploitation of young and vulnerable victims. He said that.

He said not only was the victim in this case about half the age of a man and vulnerable, but the highly invasive and sexually explicit photographs are now in the public domain and may remain there forever. he claimed.

“The defendant was also motivated by revenge and included the pornographic video in order to create the false impression that the victim was involved. It shows a calculated effort to raise the bar,” added Tan of the Democratic Progressive Party. .

Having sexual contact with a minor under the age of 16 can result in up to two years in prison, a fine, or both. The man could have received up to twice the penalty.

Distributing intimate images could have resulted in up to five years in prison, a fine or caning, or a combination of these penalties.

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