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Benedek Pacul leaves stable Hexagon for Enterprise in Belgium

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Benedek Pacul, a young Hungarian professional dressage jockey, will retire from the Reunus van Lieren stable Hexagon after four years and relocate to Belgium.

Jockey Pacul will ride Dutchman Marieke Ponzo Dude Pundert, who is currently renovating the St. Hubert Horse and Country Club in Capellen. From January 1, 2024, he will be temporarily based at the APG stables in Wustwesel until the renovations are complete.

Benedek Pacul

Pacul, 24, is the son of Hungarian dressage trainer Peter Pacul. He started his competitive pony career in 2014 riding the German pony His Macciato (The Breas My Mobility x Bogenschutze).

As a youth rider, he competed in the European Youth Championships six times and competed in the 2015 European Pony Championships with Macchart, following which the horse Donna Friderica (by Don Frederico) became the riding that would build his career. It became a horse. The pair won the 2017 European Junior Riders Championship (72nd place with 62.658% in the individual test), the 2019 European Young Riders Championship (45th place with 66.618% in the individual test) and the 2020 European U25 Championship (13th place in the individual test). 1st place). 71.040%), 2021 European U25 Championship (24th place in Short Grand Prix with 67.435%).

Packel’s Macchart at the 2015 European Championships
pony championship

In 2022, he competed in the European U25 Championship on the saddle of Hexagons Joel (15th place on Kur with 70.505%)

In 2023, he moved to the senior category and represented Hungary at the European Championships in Riesenbeck with Dona Friderica, but unfortunately lost in the Grand Prix.

stable hexagon

In 2019, Pacul moved to Reunus van Leelen’s stable Hexagon in the Netherlands, where he began his professional career as a rider.

He has ridden horses owned by Hexagon in the World Young Horse Championships twice. 2021 is Luxuriouzz (15th place in the finals), 2022 is Hexagons Gorgeous Black Art (21st place in the repechage), and 2023 is Miami (13th place in the finals) and Gorgeous Black Art (22nd place in the repechage).

move to belgium

Pakul decided to quit Hexagon and start a new business in Belgium with Dutchman Marieke Ponzo Dieu de Pundert. He has also changed trainers and is now being coached by Johan Rox.

“I am so grateful to Hexagon over the past four years. I have learned so much and reached so many things I never dreamed of, but this opportunity came to me thanks to Marieke. It truly is a dream come true. ,” Beni said. “I want to continue on the path of dressage to reach the top level, with the main focus or goal of keeping the horse’s health first. I’m happy to help now.”

Paklu on Joel, Tamar Zweistra, Reunas
Van Lieren watches over

Marieke Ponzo Dieu – de Pundert is the founder of the IISAH Foundation (Impact Investing to Support Access to Health), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of physical rehabilitation services. She is an avid dressage rider who competes at the international small tour level and has been training with Tamar Zweistra for 15 years. Her signature horses are Hariego (by Diego) and Kingsdale (by Everdale), both of which were won by Van Her Orst.

De Hoefslag said Ponzo initially considered himself an amateur, but decided to become a professional. She has purchased a new barn in Belgium that she plans to use as a boutique sales and training stable, where Puckle will help train the horses alongside Beni’s girlfriend Demi Gisolf.

Photo © Astrid Appels

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